_Antrum_ Chronic mild __8211; moderate atrophic gastritis _active __ with part of the intestinal epithelium of HP -_ ___8221; focal_7619 by suchufp


									(Antrum) Chronic mild – moderate atrophic gastritis (active ), with part of
the intestinal epithelium of HP :( )” focal

Patient information: Male 50 years old Shizuishan

description of the disease (onset time, the first symptoms):

(antrum) Chronic mild – moderate atrophic gastritis ( active ), with some
focal intestinal metaplasia of glandular epithelium HP  )

want to help:

serious? how to treat

had whether the treatment conditions and allergies, genetic history:


not the best answer

HP eradication therapy to regulate.

Chronic gastritis is gastric epithelium by the repeated attacks by agents of
chronic gastric inflammation caused by venereal change, transformation of the
regeneration of the mucous membrane, leading to gland atrophy already has.

pathogenesis machine

new medical knowledge


is generally believed that H. pylori infection and immune factors in the
primary factor. drink, diet, psychological factors, can cause gastric mucosal
injury drugs (such as aspirin, indomethacin, etc.) and bile reflux and other
predisposing factors for.


superficial gastritis restricted to gastric inflammation Au and mucous
membrane surface already has, epithelial cell degeneration, epithelial
hyperplasia and pits do have a membrane cell infiltration, causing mucosal
congestion, edema, exudate. mainly in the antrum, and sometimes a small amount
of erosion and bleeding in some patients erosion in the antrum have more
lesions, or with strong raised warts, said chronic erosive or verrucous

atrophic gastritis, inflammation of mucous membranes do have a deep film,
already has led to the gland atrophy, thinning of the mucous layer and mucous
membrane folds flat, or even disappear, often accompanied by intestinal
metaplasia and dysplasia.

pyloric sphincter dysfunction in some patients, the duodenal contents reflux
into the stomach, as the contents of the reflux of bile, which leads to bile
reflux gastritis.

combined chronic gastritis and more gallstones or chronic ulcerative colitis.

Chinese know

hate love its weak internal factors, diet, emotions and the injury, work and
rest over to their triggers.

diet, not of stagnation, depression air-containing; Concerned angry catharsis
liver failure, stomach and wrist qi stagnation; excessive consumption of hard
work is Haoshang blood, excessive air-comfort is uncomfortable.

hate love hormone deficiency, combined with above are factors caused by poor
qi, stagnation Weiwanxiashu, abnormal movements are the basic pathogenesis of
this disease.

symptoms syndrome

most no obvious symptoms of chronic gastritis, some patients with abdominal
discomfort, epigastric pain, loud belching, anorexia and nausea. normal
gastric body gastritis seen anorexia, body weight, or with blood deficiency;
antral gastritis or with gallstones, especially in the higher number of bile
reflux, can be significant erosion and cause acute pain, noisy, hot, etc.,
there may be a small amount of serious upper gastrointestinal bleeding, such
as vomiting, melena, etc..

chronic gastritis in Chinese books, mostly stomach pain, fullness , hiccups,
and other noisy areas.
himself after many years of research, summarized love hate weakness, look
askance virtual stagnation, the Wei Qi Shangni, disharmony of liver and other
syndromes, fire wins can be combined liver and gallbladder, intestines heat
and other organs.

Chinese Medicine

to look askance health negatively, liver and gas, and the main Heweijiangni.

to Zhishi Xiaopi Pill based subtraction

Zhishi Xiaopi Pill Medical Department, Jin and Yuan Li Dongyuan created by the
Ming era, “rule under the virtual heart swelling of the liver, the evil lazy
tired, appetizing meals. “Original party to pills, and I after many years of
research, with the side to do addition and subtraction soup or concentrated
pill powder processing, the treatment of chronic gastritis, the effect is good.

new Ginger Citrus aurantium Coptis Pinellia

Magnolia ginseng Zhigancao

Poria Atractylodes malt

dosage, addition and subtraction and the decoction method: depending on the
severity, duration of disease, individual differences and differentiation

Indications: chronic superficial gastritis, atrophic gastritis, erosive
gastritis, bile reflux gastritis see stomach pain, bloating, fullness,
belching, noisy, pantothenic acid, nausea, poor appetite and other symptoms
thereof Treating the syndrome can be used side.

Deficiency, by berberine plus villosum, Evodia; disharmony of liver and who,
together CHSGS; anger Fan Wei who added bulk alloy bell baicalin; Stomach
Shangni significant persons, soda stems, liver and gallbladder fire worse,
plus Bupleurum, Scutellaria; intestinal organs hot and humid, plus wood;
amount of cold and heat can increase or decrease the actual situation.

health awareness

(1) a reasonable diet, to prevent stagnation love hate hurt; (2) quit alcohol,
avoid eating too spicy, in order to avoid repeated very exciting for the
gastric mucosa; (3) links to feel happy to avoid very exciting emotions; (4)
work and rest, to reconcile the gastrointestinal function.

Note: In Chinese medicine practitioners under the guidance of the choice of

kill the first specification Helicobacter pylori 1-2 weeks after treatment, to
find a formal Department of Gastroenterology, the public hospitals of Chinese
medicine treatment for at least 3 months, cure is possible, but always pay
attention to daily diet, like quitting alcohol, do not eat spicy very exciting
food, etc.

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