5 Tips for Effective Time Management by iupon13


									?Time is the most powerful commodity of modern times. And managing this powerful
commodity demands much of our skill. Unfortunately, most people never make use of
the most incredible resource we have - our time.

So here are some tips to assist you make the most of your time:

1.Break down larger jobs into smaller ones: We all know the daunting feeling of
starting a big new job and just wishing we were anywhere but here. But, even the
most difficult of tasks are not impossible to handle. In fact, most jobs become
amazingly easy once you break them down into small manageable pieces. Get into the
routine of breaking down your tasks into smaller ones and doing each smaller task one
at a time. This will help you stay in control and focused as well as helping you
accomplish your goals without the urge to do something else.

Remember - how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

2.Look at your routines to see if they can be changed, maybe you can do some things
a different way and save yourself some time in the process. Or combine tasks like
walking to work to give you your daily exercise and get you to work on time.

3.Get rid of unproductive routine tasks: This includes getting up each morning and
checking your email. Do not start your day on somebody else's program. Get out there,
take some time to concentrate on the goals for the day and then start working on them.
Do routine tasks during slow times of the day. For example, check your emails soon
after lunch.

4.Understand yourself. Are you a morning person or a night person? Organize tasks to
use whatever time suits you best. I am usually the most productive first thing in the
morning and then late at night (after the kids go to bed!) - and that is exactly why I
work on my most important goals during those hours. Two hours of focused work is
far more valuable than 10 hours of unfocused work.

5.Learn to say NO: One of the biggest secrets of success is leadership. You need to be
able to become a leader and say NO when someone asks you for a favour that can
take considerable amount of highly productive time from you.

You need to be very cautious about where and how you spend your time. Time is the
most precious resource you have and you need to stop wasting it and start treating it
like gold.
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