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									How to treat periodontitis

treatment of periodontitis Sports

cold, hot, sour, sweet to eat all pain, pain to the people of periodontitis.
Indeed, there are sports treatment of periodontitis, the vast majority of
people will be valid long-standing practice.

Kingdom Institute of Sport General Administration of Sports Medicine, Dr. Mu-
Qing Yi, who with age, the gums become increasingly shrinking, thus leading to
loose teeth, the gap increases, food residue retention, which is very easy to
the growth of bacteria . With the mouth of living material and chemical
stimulation of the constant increases, the pain and sadness and even
periodontal purulent infection and further loosening of teeth will fall off.
Dental defects, affecting food taste, to the degradation of gastrointestinal
function in the elderly increases the burden of gastroenteritis.

periodontal treatment for the sports no purulent inflammation of the mouth,
patients should be engaged in exercise at the same time, potential for tooth
movement. The purpose of sports is to promote periodontal tissue blood cycle,
improving the periodontal tissue nutrition, delay and prevent gingival
recession, as much as possible to preserve the tooth function. Sports Specific
Rehabilitation essentials are: 1. Force the upper and lower teeth bite or hit
each other, continuous dozens; 2. With two hands on both sides of the cheeks
and lips, and massage gums, until a sense of local fever so far. The exercise
3 times a day, every 5 to 10 minutes, do not practice too much force should
pay attention to, out of line is a loose tooth decay and teeth with obvious,
practice hard to be smooth when the attention.

periodontitis, if minor, note that oral hygiene, brush your teeth every day
hard working sooner or later, or you can press the letter with your fingers to
massage the gums around the mouth.

nervous or if it is in need of treatment. Medicines can be used to eliminate
fire dispatch swelling. I bought some time ago in inflammation Taobao health
tea leaf grass, efficacy very good, oh, or pure Sinopharm’s.

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