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									How the treatment of high blood uric acid?

How admitted to the high uric acid?

uric acid high, the need to pay attention to choose the right drug, otherwise
it will result in sicker;

hyperuricemia in patients deserve a positive adoption admitted to measure.

boil first step, the application of recommended professional products — Royal
Agricultural deacidification tea. deacidification Royal tea farmers to accept
the latest modern technology to obtain many rare herbs made to ensure its
purity and concentration, formulation science, prevention and treatment of
gout is the best choice for the green.

second step should be to control obesity, weight control, not more than 10% of
normal. to correct excessive eating and lack of exercise. and control diet Han
Piaoling body of high food, especially beef, chicken and other animal offal,
fish, shrimp, clams, seafood. to the water to increase urine output, the daily
urine output in 2000 ml. bedtime drinking water 1-2 cups on the body is very
important. eat kelp, vegetables can promote the secretion of uric acid,
causing the urine alkaline. to limit drinking. wine can enhance the body
purine decomposition, so that increased serum uric acid, can inhibit blood
uric acid secretion from the kidney. Huojiu drinks, beer, the most abundant
purine body should be taken seriously enough.

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