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									Gout symptoms and treatment

Gout what disease, what specific symptoms of gout do, what can be admitted to
gout medicine

gout symptoms and admitted to

There are many symptoms of gout, early symptoms and chronic and acute will be
different .. not the same as to the symptoms of type to distinguish. Once the
following symptoms, timely solution to prevent deterioration. In response to
these symptoms, reduced acid complex tea Bates the effect of the right.

the following symptoms of gout is characterized by:

1, the early symptoms of gout

early onset gout, admitted to the purpose is to control the seizures, reduce
pain as quickly as possible. Detection of serum uric acid concentration in the
early detection of liquid gout essentials of the most simple and effective.
For large-scale population screening can detect blood uric acid, hyperuricemia,
which is early detection and prevention of gout are very important . at least
once a year health confiscated.

2, acute attack of gout disease symptoms

onset time of all is the next midnight. the stage of gout symptoms of ankle or
toes , arm, finger joints, pain, swelling, redness, accompanied by severe pain.
application does not Yacha microscope, you will find a pine needle in the
lesion tissue urate deposition. is caused by urate deposition severe pain.
Please note that the incidence of Because uric acid precipitation has been
generated, so the highest value of uric acid value lower than usual.

three symptoms of chronic gout

the first phase of the performance of the existence of symptoms of gout tophi ,
chronic arthritis, uric acid stones and gout glomerulonephritis and
complications. At this time frequent gout attacks, tophi body parts began to
appear, with the time tophi gradually become larger.

complex Bates deacidification significant effect of tea, to overcome the
drawbacks of the traditional way, so that patients receive nutrition can be
effectively and use, thereby enhancing the body

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