; Cough_ no sputum_ no cough at night_ a move the cough_ the more dynamic the more cough_ cough cough_ no sputum_ no bloodshot. Do not cough at night_540
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Cough_ no sputum_ no cough at night_ a move the cough_ the more dynamic the more cough_ cough cough_ no sputum_ no bloodshot. Do not cough at night_540


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									Cough, no sputum, no cough at night, a move the cough, the more dynamic the
more cough, cough cough, no sputum, no bloodshot. Do not cough at night

Condition described (onset time, major symptoms):

cough, no sputum, no cough at night, a move the cough, the more dynamic the
more cough, cough

cough, no sputum, no bloodshot. do not cough at night, a move the cough, the
more dynamic the more cough. cough is very painful time, intermittent cough,
cough of the time be long or short. X-ray showed pulmonary all right, do not
smoke smoke. from the cold last winter caused from endless, not the
effectiveness of drug injections, male, the other a throat inflammation and
sinusitis. this Xunyiwenyao. thank!

expectations are kind of help:

treatment remedies and causes

environment and whether there was allergy treatment, genetic history:


not the best answer

is not as long as the cold lump in his throat to itch smoking, and is coughing.

if you may be afflicted with bronchitis. you can eat Tongrentang urgent
support bronchitis pills syrup, molasses warm the drink.

following is a recipe for reference:

therapeutic approach is effective for chronic bronchitis. through clinical
look, and there are many middle-aged patients, because usually pay attention
to diet than force, while the therapeutic approach adopted, so that conditions
become stable. tracheitis therapeutic methods used: 1, radish Honey: white
radish hollowed out half of the amount put into the honey, place 3 hours after
taking juice, with warm boiled water, served 3 times, each time a spoon; or
radish half a catty, rock sugar, honey amount, plus a small amount of water,
soup, warm clothes.
2, rice 15g, almond, licorice each 10g, decoction filter juice, l at 2 times

3, honey 50g, bergamot 30g, decoction into a tea; or honey, caramel, onion
juice, the decile boil the amount of food.

4, radish tea: Cream learn sliced ??radish, Jianshui behalf of the tea.

Five, turnips braised tofu: Fresh large carrot 100g, 200g tofu with the stew
with a dressing after overripe.

6, Sydney lily juice: Sydney 1, Lily 15g. to Sydney slices, and cook lily,
after the soup until thoroughly cooked. is also available for frying adding
appropriate amount of crystal sugar when cooked.

7, hemp tea list: Take a list of Mama 10 ~ 15g, on behalf of the tea use, day
1. the party to prevent attacks and exacerbation of chronic bronchitis
treatment have satisfactory results.

treatment of cough, bronchitis, cough, cold medicine Denmark emergency
frequency and weight, sputum, or a thin non-white sputum, nasal congestion,
clear tears, the sound re-pharyngeal itching, or fever with aversion to cold,
or see the whole body is uncomfortable. permit is cold closed lung, lung
failure Vision, Expelling wind-dispersing cold, cough Xuanfei, Su San addition
and subtraction with apricot. They are: almond, sage, French summer, the 6
Poria grams, Peucedanum, Campanulaceae, licorice of 5 grams, Citrus aurantium,
an orange-red of 3 grams, 2 slices ginger, jujube 3, Ching Shuijianbi. cough 5
grams heavier one hundred, no sweat in winter plus 3 grams of ephedrine, if
fever weight, sweating plus 10 grams of gypsum, with decoction. wind-heat
common in the flu cough into the inside of heat, heat evil force induced
sputum of lung unhappy, not easy to spit up yellow sputum, throat congestion
flushing or hot sweat. Certificate is a wind-heat Fanfei, lung failure purges.
Expelling scattered wind and soothing, Qingfeizhike. They are: 15 grams of
mulberry flowers, forsythia, mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum 10 grams each,
Peucedanum, one hundred, Campanulaceae, Arctium 6 grams each, almonds, mint,
licorice of 5 grams, reed rhizome 12 grams, the Qing decoction. fever plus
heavy skullcap, Anemarrhena of 5 grams, 10 grams of gypsum; cough phlegm added
to whole Gualou weight 10 grams, Chuanbei 5 grams Tong Jian. prescriptions for
a treatment of bronchitis. mustard seed radish seed treatment materials】
【bronchitis mustard seeds 10 grams, 15 grams of radish seeds, orange peel 10
grams 10 grams of licorice. 【Method】 Shuijianbi . 【Efficacy】 lower gas
Chest, phlegm dampness. the treatment of chronic bronchitis. II. Decoction
bronchitis brown sugar, tomato root material】 【eggplant root of the amount
of brown sugar. 【Method】 roots washed, chopped eggplant, fried juice,
transferred amount of brown sugar. 【Dosage】 50 mg per serving, served 2 or 3
times. 10 days and even served as a course for 3 courses. 【Effect】 cough and
phlegm, very effectively. III. jellyfish and radish soup with materials】
【governance bronchitis jellyfish 80 grams, 60 grams of white radish. 【Method】
jellyfish floating wash, white radish cut into wire, two flavor water bowls,
fry half. 【Dosage】 each served in two days. may be more for taking only two
weeks. 【Effect】 lungs, cough, asthma. with the government cough, chronic
bronchitis. IV. honey, eggs, bronchitis treatment materials】 【40 grams of
honey, egg. 【Method】 first pot of honey by Wei Chao, and then add water a
little, to be boiling into the egg. 【Dosage】 fasting once the service daily
morning and evening, eating eggs Yin Tang. 【Effect】 tonic lungs . the
treatment of chronic bronchitis. From (recipe Daquan)

X-ray normal lungs, and cough continued for nearly six months, dry cough
without sputum, tracheal response should be an environment, first consider the
factors of allergic of this chronic cough, you can go to the hospital for lung
function tests and allergen under the screening, but also discharged about
exercise-induced asthma induced cough. treatment at home have Xintian you see
what tools were made by fitting the new No, living environment and have not
changed as much as possible to remove it to find out the reasons for allergies,
anti-allergy treatment for oral chlorpheniramine, prednisone (applied under
the guidance of doctors, or Seretide side effects). recipe for further
consultation Chinese medicine practitioners friends.

you are allergic bronchitis, cough variant asthma with different allergic
bronchitis can be cured.

allergic bronchitis showed paroxysmal cough, sputum less afraid of the cold
air fear fear of smell of smoke, eat anti-inflammatory drugs are not effective,
accompanied by itchy throat, not accompanied by fever, fear of cold fear of
smoke, increased night, filming on or related to examination without exception.
If so, then you should go to your local center to investigate allergic and
allergy desensitization therapy, and to prevent the development of allergic
asthma. Some also have allergic rhinitis. specific treatment you can look at
this famous site of allergies – China Allergy and Asthma Network, “atopic
cough” or “allergic bronchitis” column.

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