Employee Rewards on a Modest Budget by hkksew3563rd


									?Employee Recognition on a Small Budget
Today, employees place a very high level of importance on being "connected" to their
organizations. A large part of their expectations relate to recognition and rewards for
good work and a job well done. In fact, survey after survey indicate that being
connected and appreciated by the organization they work for are the top priorities for
many employees, even regarded more important than compensation.
In many companies throughout the 1980's and 1990's when budgets were unrestricted,
recognition and rewards was simply a matter of a fat annual bonus or a trip to the
Bahamas for the top performers of the organization. Rewards like this are of course,
too expensive for most companies that face rising operating costs and razor thin profit
margins in today's hypercompetitive market.
Today, let's talk about how the smaller retailer can recognize and reward employees
without high expenses.
Firstly, limit cash rewards to annual performance reviews by way of a bonus plan. The
bonus plan should be directly linked to the financial performance of the store.
Develop a rewards program for your store that frequently recognizes good work and
solid contributions with simplicity as the focal point. Consider these ideas as you
develop your program:
Offer job enrichment and higher responsibilities
Create a bulletin board in the staff area where messages of praise can be posted for all
team members to see
Offer some prizes on a quarterly basis for the most consistent contributor above their
basic responsibilities.
Prizes should ideally be something that an employee can share with a spouse or friend.
Then both can share and enjoy the reward. A dinner for two, tickets to the theatre or a
ball game are good examples of simple rewards that can be shared.
Preferred time of or time off with pay. Consider giving a paid day off before or after a
long weekend and give the employee a mini holiday, 4 days off straight.
For multi-location companies a newsletter is a great place to inform everyone of a job
well done by superlative employees between locations.
Consider creating an Employee of the Month reward with a preferred parking spot or
similar reward.
Create special reward pins for top performers that can be worn with pride.
Offer additional training either in house or formal educational training for those that
have delivered stellar performance.
Create a clear path of career opportunities for top performers and recognize good
work through promotions. All companies should strive to promote from within at least
two thirds of the time opportunities arise.
Employees that work within a culture that sees the opportunities to receive an internal
promotion will be more loyal and strive for excellence in performance.
These reward strategies cost little but go a long way in motivating employees to strive
for excellence and remain loyal to the company long after an annual cash bonus is
Take Action Today
Develop a modest budget for a rewards and recognition program.
Create rewards and the criteria for receiving them. Your criteria should be objective
and fair for everyone.
Announce the rewards program to the organization and explain the criteria to
Discuss and deliver rewards on a regular basis. Even small rewards can be announced
and issued weekly.
Make recognition and rewards part of your organization's culture.
Make major rewards activities that can be shared by a spouse or friend of the

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