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									?There are three major California employee leave laws that provide protection for
medical and family leaves. In addition there are laws that grant the possibility to take
a paid leave for personal reasons. Since the laws protect all employees from
overworking and allow them to take some time off to rest and regain energy, most of
people make best of it and decide to spend some quality holiday time with their
families or friends.

Apart from federal family and medical leave act, employers have to pay attention to
other California employee leave laws ranging from paid family leave for a serious
health condition to time off for school visitations and emergency rescue duty.
However the most important California employee leave laws still remain the
California family rights act providing benefits similar to those under the Federal
medical leave act. Employers have to be aware and track leave usage under both laws.

Apart from primary medical and family leave laws, California employee leave laws
also offer employees the possibility to get state disability insurance, pregnancy
disability leave, family temporary disability income, emergency duty and training
leave, jury and witness leave as well as school visitation leave. However, different
requirements have to be met in order to be granted one of these special leaves.

California Employee Leave Laws

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