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									?If you want your business to have that professional yet relaxed atmosphere, make
your employees wear Embroidered Polo Shirts. Polo shirts are also an ideal work
wear during Fridays when your employees are allowed to wear more comfortable
clothes other than the usual suit and tie. Wearing a polo shirt will maintain your
employees professional appearance even if they are wearing something
less-casual-than-formal office attire. If you have decided to use polo shirts for your
promotions, consider the following points before buying them and handing them out
to your employees.

Polo Shirts That Are Embroidered

There are several types of polo shirts. There are polo shirts that are fitted for sports
activities, while there are the sorts that are applicable as office uniforms or for casual
dealings. Polo shirts in itself convey assurance and relaxed professionalism, but you
can elevate this innate positive image to a higher level by having your logo or brand
name embroidered on the polo shirts you intend to give out. Embroidered Polo Shirts
are more durable than printed polo shirts so you can be sure that your polo shirt can
promote your brand for a long time. Embroidered apparel is guaranteed not to peel off
or get ruined by constant washing and ironing.

The Colour

The colour of your Embroidered Polo Shirts can say so much about your business. It
can even affect the mood of your employees. If you have a company colour, you can
use it for business or brand association. If you do not have a company colour, you can
use the nature of your business as your basis in picking the colour for your
promotional polo shirt. You should also consider your target clients as your basis in
picking for the colour of your polo shirt. Be sure that the colour would be acceptable
to your target clients such as using light colours if your business is on kid supplies or
toy stores.

The Total Appearance

Among the many other things that you need to consider when designing your
Embroidered Polo Shirt is how it would look like when worn by your employees or
target clients. You should place the logo or brand name on areas where it could be
easily noticed such as the breast pocket or at the back part of the shirt. You should
also consider how many pieces you are going to buy in order not to miss out an

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