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									?Email marketing drives repeat business, meaning your pool hall or gaming and
entertainment compounds, like bowling alleys and video arcades, will stay far ahead
of the competition. As an owner and operator of a center for personal entertainment,
the best way to stay ahead of your competition is to make your location the place to
be for your particular local market, and to make sure your clientele knows how great
you are. The two components that will achieve this are email marketing and
promotions in your location. Using promotions to achieve sign-up for email marketing
will have a two-fold effect: On one hand it will get you a list of opt-in subscribers that
will receive whatever promotions you give out, therefore bringing in more repeat
business. Secondly, and more importantly, the kind of promotions that you do come
up with can have a snowball effect on your sales, as a lot of people come to pool halls
and video arcades with friends.

A successful promotion is one that involves friends and creates a buzz in your local
community. This means a good promotion is one that encourages customers to bring
their friends. Examples include 'two for one deals', group discounts, and
'refer-a-friend' price incentives. You can send out coupons for these discounts and
promotions through a simple, yet effective, email marketing campaign.

For entertainment centers, you can have a preferred customer discount on tokens for
games, or group discounts. Through your email campaigns, your local entertainment
center will bring in larger amounts of people, therefore more individual sign ups once
they get through the door. The more people that sign-up for your email marketing list,
the more repeat business you'll get. The more repeat business, the more your location
will be the location everyone wants to be at. Having a buzz around the streets about
your entertainment center is the best publicity around.

It is really easy to have people sign up for your email marketing newsletters and
promotions. It is simply a matter of placing a sign indicating what promotion people
will receive simply for signing on to your email marketing newsletters. Add a
receptacle for business cards, or have a sing up sheet. This can be placed at the
entrance or exit, for all to see, or at the cash register, where a cashier can remind
customers of their opportunities to sign on. It's that easy.

Also, the top-ranked email marketing companies will provide you with a free web
sign-up box that you can place on your website. This way, interested customers can
sign-up for your promotions right at your website.

Email marketing and great promotions can help build the buzz around your
entertainment center to the streets. This will encourage more people to make your
entertainment spot the latest hangout, inevitably bringing you in more revenues. The
buzz about your local pool hall, bowling alley, video arcade or any other
entertainment venue will keep you ahead of the competition and secure you a larger
piece of the local market. Email marketing is here to entertain!
Robert Burko is President of Elite Email, the complete email marketing package used
by entertainment centers around the world. Start harnessing the power of an email
marketing program for your bowling alley by visiting today!

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