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					?Elevators designed for commercial applications are a real support for mobility
challenged individuals. These accessibility equipments ensure such individuals with
safe, trouble-free and smooth vertical movement in commercial buildings.

Choose from a Variety of Models

Elevators intended for commercial applications can be installed in existing as well as
new buildings. Elevator models suitable for high rise as well as low rise buildings are
available. Being economical, these accessibility equipments are widely used in
schools, churches, hospitals and museums. These elevators can be mounted in a
limited space. Moreover, the entire installation procedure is also very simple.

Facilitates Smooth and Comfortable Floor to Floor Access

For providing the user with comfortable and effortless floor to floor access, these
elevators are integrated with superior safety measures. These include emergency stop
controls, backup lighting, negative pressure module, door interlocks, over speed
governor, telephone system, flow control valves which control over speed in the
downward direction, emergency alarm and many more. They are also provided with
manual swing door and digital floor indicators. Commercial elevators intended to
transport freights are provided with a stop switch which is used to hold the elevator
doors open. This facilitates easy loading and unloading of materials. For opening and
closing the elevator doors, such models are also provided with open and close button

Most of these elevator models can accommodate loads above 1000 lbs and have an
operating speed of 30 fpm. The hydraulic drive system provided in these equipments
allows the users to experience smooth movement between the floors. You can also
customize the wall panels and cab design so as to match with your interior décor.

Obtain Durable and Reliable Elevator Models

For purchasing reliable elevators for commercial applications it is always advisable to
depend on trusted companies. At present there are many companies in the industry
offering a range of commercial elevators. The well-known manufacturers include
Federal Elevator, Savaria Concord and ThyssenKrupp Access. These companies offer
durable products with ample warranty. Dealers of these products are capable of
undertaking quality installation and maintenance services as well. Therefore try to
choose the appropriate model which best suits your requirements and budget.

DAY, a premier elevator & lift company delivers customized commercial accessibility
solutions in the Tri-State area; our commercial elevators are applicable for both indoor
and outdoor settings.