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									?Electronics are appliances that work on electricity. In today's day and age, most
things run on electricity and someday there will be another fuel source and electricity
will be something from the past. Today we even have developed robots and it is a very
impressive development. Let's discuss some electronics we use in our everyday life
that makes it easier for us.

Washing Machine

Now can you imagine if we had to do all the laundry by hand. Today we have
Laundromats if you can't have a washing machine at home, but when the first washing
machine was made, we are sure the housewife said a prayer of thanks. Washing
clothes is truly a back breaking endeavour, as doing everything by hand can be
tedious. Today we have top or front opening washing machines, with an inbuilt dryer
in some, so that when your clothes come out of the washer/dryer, all you need to do is
press them and you are ready to go.

The Iron

In the old days, irons were quite a contraption and were extremely heavy. The iron
used to be a huge block of iron material with a handle on top. This had to be kept on a
heated plate, which was generally heated over the kitchen fire. Then after sprinkling
some water on the cloth the now heated iron block was used to iron out the cloth. This
took a lot of energy and you eventually ended up with a nasty burn. Today, electric
steam irons combine the advantages of steam into your ironing to give you crease free


Yes, the telephone we use is an electrical appliance. It required electric power to be
used. Today, phone lines are independent of our electricity lines, but they still are
running because of electricity. Earlier, there was the telegram that could be transfer
only a small message, but today it does not take more than a few seconds to connect
to someone across the globe and it sounds like the person is standing right next to you.
Mobile phones have taken the telephone invention to another level. Today you will
rarely find a person without a mobile phone. Today companies like Nokia, Samsung
and Sony are all leading mobile brand manufacturers.


Of course, after Edison said "and there was light", we all gave thanks to the man for
ridding us from the darkness. The constant use of candles to light up a room was
expensive and time consuming. Of course, when the first bulb was made, it too was an
expensive option and only the very rich could afford electricity bills and the bulb cost.
Today, you have different kinds of lights from your normal yellow light to your CFC
lights to neon lights, etc. Today you don't even need electricity to power your lights
and it can be done by solar power.


The car is primarily run on fuel but electricity is required in a small part to keep the
battery of the car running, as the battery is required to run the car efficiently and
power the engine. You also need the battery to operate the lights and other thing like
the horn, windshield wipers, radio, A/C, etc, and this is what makes driving a


When the first black and white television came out, watching people on the screen
must have been a novel experience. Today, we are more than used to the streamlined
excellent quality of digital television. With the development of LCD and Plasma TVs
we have images that look like the real thing and make viewing a truly pleasurable
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