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									?Connectors, though small in size, have a great impact on the design and functionality
of an electronic component. Ask any design engineer and he would illustrate how
impertinent a connector is. There are vast varieties of connectors, used for specific
and varied purposes, available from hundreds of connector manufacturers.

Since no connector has all the ideal properties and can't connect each and every
electronic component, it is evident why the need of such vast varieties and types of
connectors arose. Some prominent types of connectors such as:

?   SD Memory Card connectors
?   miniSD? Card connectors
?   microSD? Card connectors
?   W-SIM connectors
?   Memory Stick Micro? connectors
?   Combine Type Connectors
?   Connector for connection with PC cards supporting CardBus
?   Etc

Since the world has moved on to use the portable devices, for their storage,
communication and other commercial and non-commercial purposes, the importance
of these connectors has risen sharply. Connectors are extensively used in the
following applications:

? digital still cameras, digital camcorders, mobile phones, portable memory players,
PCs home audio equipment
? personal digital assistants, digital still cameras and compact audio equipments
? Set top boxes, printers, car navigation systems, etc

An ideal electrical connector would have a low contact resistance & high insulation
value and would be resistant to vibration, water, oil and pressure. Finding a connector
that meets a designers application needs, isn't much difficult with thousands of
connector manufacturers lining up their goods for sale both on terrestrial and online

Now as many electronic component search engines have cropped up, electronic
component searching is now much easier than before. Many like needasample.com
offer you the ultimate chance of even ordering connector samples or buying connector
samples for free, from the leading connector manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

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