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					?Most people wonder which toothbrush is really better to brush - Manual
Toothbrushes or Electric Toothbrushes? The answers can vary as it really depends on
what the users need. Both Manual Toothbrushes and Electric Toothbrushes have their
own positives and negatives. Let's explore some of these pros and cons of both
manual and electric toothbrushes.
Manual Toothbrushes:

?Come with an easy handle grip.
?Some come with a tongue scraper.
?Better to Travel with.

?No built in timer.
?For arthritis and old patients, it is really difficult to hold firmly.

Electric Toothbrushes

?Larger ergonomic handles for better grip.
?Some electric toothbrushes come with tunes.
?Some electric toothbrushes come with toothpaste dispersion.

?Need regular charging or battery replacement.

Tooth Brushing is one of the important daily activity and second nature to everybody.
Using toothbrush is the best way to remove plaque bacteria that grows on your teeth.
These plaque bacteria are the root cause of bad breath and cavity problems. Before
using any electric toothbrush, you must read the user manual, because electric
toothbrushes of different models and different brands do not work equally. Electric
toothbrushes are chiefly invented for the patients with limited motor skills (e.g.
arthritis, orthodontic patients). Electric toothbrushes uses electric power to move the
brush-head and offers you maximum cleanse. An electric toothbrush can rub your
teeth 7000 times per minute, which is really a difficult task to do manually. It
normally operates in an oscillating pattern; so such electric toothbrushes are called as
'rotary' toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes of various popular brands are available in
the market. Here follows top 3 popular electric toothbrush products of various brands:

1.Sonicare Elite 7500 Electric Toothbrush is popular for its slim design, angled neck,
tapered brush head, contour-fit bristles, and ultra-high bristle speed.
2.Oral-B D25526 Triumph 9400 Professional Care Electric Toothbrush comes with
new FlossAction Brush head with MicroPulse Bristles for effective brushing. Features
like actual brushing time, charge level tracking, and Self-Advises when brush head
has passed optimal-cleaning performance have really made this a proud gadget to
have in bathroom..

3.The Oral-B Sonic Complete electric toothbrush offers 2 brushing modes, a 2-minute
built-in-timer with 30 second intervals and an ergonomic handle. Includes one refill
brush head. Oral-B the Sonic Complete electric toothbrush is rechargeable, and lasts
up to two weeks on a single charge.

Philips Sensiflex Electric Toothbrushes is one of the popular brands among its users.
It protects your gums while efficiently and gently cleaning your teeth and removing
plaque bacteria. The Gum Protection System means the toothbrush head automatically
clicks back, when too much pressure is applied. The dual toothbrush heads perform
15,000 gentle cleaning movements per minute that helps brush to remove plaque
bacteria, thoroughly. Here follows some product highlights:

?Gums Protection System - brush head automatically clicks back when too much
pressure is exerted.

?Dual brush heads operating at 15,000 cleaning movements per minute for thorough
plaque removal.

?Active tip - separately moving longer tip provides effective cleaning between the
?25 minutes rechargeable operating time.
?Brush handle, 3 brush heads and charger base included.

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