Electric Stair Lift - Practical and Economical Solution for the Physically Handicapped

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					?An electric stair lift is a practical and economical solution for the physically
handicapped, providing easy and safe movement from one floor to another. The
introduction of these accessibility devices has proved to be a great blessing to both the
aged and physically challenged individuals, giving them a new found feeling of

Compatible Models Available for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Electric stairlifts suitable for indoor and outdoor use are provided by leading
manufacturers. The outdoor models are designed with ample weatherproofing so as to
resist extreme weather conditions. Besides, models compatible for straight and curved
stairways are also available. Therefore electric stair lifts can be installed without
making structural modifications for your stairway. They can be mounted on either side
of the stairway based on your convenience.

Designed with Enhanced Safety Features and User-friendly Controls

Electric stairlifts are provided with outstanding safety features. These include swivel
seats, seat belts, safety brakes, padded armrests and more. These equipments are also
provided with obstruction sensors. The obstruction sensor detects obstacles blocking
the path of the lift, and stops the lift automatically when it encounters such an
obstruction. Therefore it is possible to avoid the chances of the user getting injured
and the lift getting damaged. The stairlifts are also integrated with folding facility,
which allows the lift to be kept folded when not in use. This enables other users to
access the stairways more comfortably.

To facilitate easy operation for users with restricted hand movement, stairlift are also
offered with handheld controls. Models which can be operated using remote or
joystick controls can be bought.

Points to Remember when Buying Electric Stair Lifts

Electric stairlifts are reasonably priced. Before purchasing stairlifts for the physically
handicapped, it is important to identify your requirements, the extent of disability of
the user and the budget. At present a wide range of models from different
manufacturers are available. Therefore obtaining some knowledge about the available
products, manufacturers and price ranges will be an added advantage. Renowned
manufacturers offering outstanding and economical stair lift models include
ThyssenKrupp Access, Bruno and Savaria Concord.

This accessibility equipment helps to generate a lot of positive energy, self-confidence
and momentum in the lives of physically challenged individuals.

DAY Elevator & Lift - A leading stair lift company based in the US. We have a
number of electric stair lift models; our custom made stair lift systems are well suited
for all indoor and outdoor applications.

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