; Effective Ways of Termite Control
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Effective Ways of Termite Control


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									?The damages done by termites lead to losses worth billion dollars every year. If you
do not use the preventive measures at the right time then it can cost you thousands of
dollars and also your property. It is in the warmer season that the termites and the
white ants increase in numbers. Thus you need to use preventive measures
immediately to avoid any major damages.

The best way to control the termites is to use the termite products easily available in
the market. Termites are found in colonies and they live and feed on the cellulose that
is found in wood. They play an important part in nature. However, if the termites and
white ants happen to move into your home then the damages caused by them can be
huge both financially and structurally.

It is very important to use termite prevention options as soon as possible. You need to
eliminate them immediately to avoid any major loss. There are three effective steps
you need to follow to eliminate the termites completely. These three termite tips are as

1 Which are the termites that have invaded your property, identify them? It has
been observed that the subterranean termites are the most common ones that cause the
damage. However, the infestation is also caused by the damp wood termites and the
dry wood termites.

2 The next step is to eliminate the termites. There are three ways that you can
choose from for effective termite prevention. These are bait stations, barrier
treatments and by hiring a professional.

 Bait Treatment: In this method of eliminating the termites you need to place the bait
stations all around the perimeter of your house. In order to attract the termites all the
bait stations will have a wooden base. Slowly when the termite activity increases,
replace the wood with the poisonous baits. Thus the termites that visit the baits will
not only feed on it but also carry the food back to the colony. This will in turn help
you to eradicate the entire colony.

 Barrier Treatments: It is one of the cheap options but no doubt a very effective one.
This treatment requires you to apply barrier products. The result, however, is not
immediate. It acts as a moat that safeguards your house from the termites. How it
works is that, the termites that enter the termite affected area receive the lethal dose of
the solution. Then the poison is passed on to other termites that they come in contact
with and then they die.

 Get assistance from a licensed professional: If you find that the termite problem in
your house is beyond control then you can hire the services of the professionals in the
industry. Do not compromise on quality for the sake of saving money. Always hire the
reputed company for the service.
These are few basic termite tips that you need to keep in mind if you want to
eliminate the termite infestation problem in future.

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