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                                                      The Network News                                                            2006
                                                                                                                                   Issue # 72

                                       Thanks for December’s presentation by Dr. Gordon Johnson on HIV in

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                                       San Francisco Chronicle Examines Partner Notification as HIV Prevention
                                       Access this story and related links online:    Next Meeting:

                                       The San Francisco Chronicle on Monday examined the increasing role of partner            February 14th
                                       notification in the battle against HIV/AIDS in California and across the U.S.
                                       Partner notification, which emerged from the contact tracing method used since             “ Prevention ”
                                       the 1940s to curb the spread of syphilis, notifies the sexual partners of people who
                                       test positive for HIV and is "a more efficient and focused way to test for HIV,"
                                       according to the Chronicle. The HIV-prevalence rate among sexual partners of
                                                                                                                               State Office Building
                                       those who have tested positive for HIV nationwide is estimated at around 20%,
                                       and most partner-notification programs are aimed at people who are unaware of
                                                                                                                                  800 NE Oregon
                                       their HIV status. According to Disclosure Assistance and Partner Services, a                  Portland
                                       partner-notification program working on behalf of the San Francisco Department              Room 120-C
                                       of Public Health, encouraging newly diagnosed clients to provide a list of sexual
                                       partners is "among the most sensitive tasks for team members," and all disclosures 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.
                                       therefore are voluntary, the Chronicle reports. The DAPS program, which advises
                                       partners who have been exposed to HIV to access the city's free testing services,
                                       does not reveal the name of the HIV-positive client. Since 1985, when an HIV
                                       antibody test became available, it has been recommended that HIV–positive indi-
                                       viduals be counseled to notify their sexual partners. Despite such recommendations,
                                       a University of
                                       Washington survey finds that only 30% of HIV-positive people nationwide reported receiving such
                                       counseling. To reduce the estimated 40,000 new HIV cases that occur annually in the U.S., CDC in April
                                       2003 issued a redesigned federal HIV prevention strategy highlighting partner notification. Although some
                                       opponents of partner notification say that the method infringes on privacy rights, programs are being
                                       expanded statewide in California, as well as nationwide. In 2004, one year after San Francisco increased
                                       partner notification efforts, a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine finds that 112 partners
                                       of 136 clients newly diagnosed with HIV were notified through the DAPS program, resulting in the detection
                                       of 10 new HIV cases (Russell, San Francisco Chronicle, 1/9).
                                       RECENT RESEARCH ON HIV AND QUALITY OF LIFE

                                       Although a great deal of HIV research focuses on treatment-related issues, many studies examine less
                                       clinical topics, such as mental health, family planning and complications such as cardiovascular

                                       disease or osteoporosis. At a major U.S. government-organized conference in September in Atanta, Ga.,
                                       experts gathered to discuss the latest research on these and other key topics. Sharon Dian Lee, M.D., and
                                       Marjorie Williams, M.P.H., review the highlights in this conference recap (From The Body Pro Newsletter
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                                       you find helpful? What things are not helpful? What would you like to see added? Would you like to
                                       contribute to the Newsletter? Are there people you would like to see write guest columns?
                                       We are very open to any and all suggestions. Please contact me with your ideas.
                                       Thank you. Rick Stoller, 503-230-1202
                                                                                               Network News    2

              This column is provided as a public service by Attorney Sarah Patterson
    This column is provided as a public service by Attorney Sarah Patterson (,
             (, by e-mail:, (503) 281-4766.
             Sarah is a lawyer in private practice representing claimants a lawyer
    by e-mail:, (503) 281-4766. Sarah is with HIV, in private practice
             and is not associated with the not associated Administration.
    representing claimants with HIV, and isSocial Security with the Social Security Administration.

I want to let you know about some about recent changes in Social Security disability law. As you may know, these
              Changes in Attorney's Fees in SSI Cases August 2005
benefits can be paid to anyone eligible for Social Security disability benefits, which certainly includes hard-working
union members. Disability payments can be made to an injured person even if there is pending personal injury
   Attorneys' fees in getting workers’ compensation. It cases paid along with rule set or short-term disability
litigation, or to those Social Security and SSI disabilitywill beare paid under a and long by Congress as part of
   the Social Security Act. This law allows disability insurance policies. Social benefit achieved for the
insurance payments such as union or corporate attorneys to charge 25% of the backSecurity disability payments
   client, up to a made to people getting disability payments from state and local governmental disability
can sometimes bemaximum of $5300. Other charges may be involved for appeals.
programs. Any disabled person who has a work history is eligible for these monthly Social Security payments,
   Most importantly, these are what is known as "contingent" fees. This means that nothing is charged unless
regardless of unearned income or resources. It pays just like an insurance policy, once disability is proved. Social
   and until a claim is won. SSI and Social Security fees are withheld by the agency and same, but there back
Security disability comes with Medicare eligibility. SSI disability eligibility standards are the taken out of theare
asset limitations. Qualification for SSI gains OHP+ eligibility. the agency, the fee is sent directly to the attorney.
   benefit paid to a successful claimant. After approval by

 There some of the in the law that went Social Security law, 2005. and regulations that have taken effect
Here arewas a changeimportant changes in into effect in March policy Previously SSI fees were not withheld,
during this past year: responsible for paying this fee directly. As a part of a five-year pilot program, SSI
 and the claimant was
  fees are now also being withheld and paid directly to the attorney.
The Social Security Administration is deep into a major revision of claim processing, moving quickly toward a fully
electronic files. This will allow case access from any point in the system. Currently cases can take up to seven
  Delays may arise when a claimant courts, a this is long overdue. and Social Security be done a very
years to be appealed up through federal is paid so combination of SSI Initial applications canbenefits, online, and
  common occurrence. Part of through the internet. The delays occasioned cases, the total fee will not be
soon all appeals will be available the fee may come from each, but in most by mailing and lost files will be more
  than 25% of the is always tumultuous,
eliminated. Changeback due benefits. and can make representation by an attorney even more
important. There are a few pot holes remaining in the electronic highway.
  In this time of transition to the new system of withholding in each program, some confusion and delay has
   complete Experience tells us that Body Systems be quickly worked out and back benefit payments will be
A occurred. overhaul of the Multiple the kinks will section of the law and the Immune Systems section and is
underway.a These include lupus, chronic fatigue and other autoimmune disorders) There is a new regulation grant-
  paid in timely manner.
ing immediate approval to anyone diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Social Security has announced its intention
to revise the regulations on neurological
  Skilled representation can be particularly important in determining the amount of back benefits due to a
impairment, last updated in 2000. This process typically takes several years.
  claimant. The claimant may have had previous applications which were not appealed in a timely manner.
  Sometimes we can re-open these past applications and the many more months of
New claims may now be filed while an appeal is pending atgainAppeals Council level or years of back payments
  for a client.
appeal which takes place after the administrative law judge’s hearing. The Appeals Council currently takes an un-
   The client has little to lose by consulting an attorney. It is a Social Security to avoid are often being urged
conscionable 2-3 years to process appeals. Workers now receiving false economy payments legal help because
   participate in Social "can't afford a lawyer." We never charge important to know about the plusses and
to clients believe they Security’s Return-to-Work programs. It is a fee for an initial consultation on a Social
   Security/SSI disability There
minuses of these is greatly increased funding to nudge people back into the workforce. It may be
hard to navigate the complicated rules on this, and keep
future eligibility in place. Counseling is available through Oregon Advocacy Center to help explain the options.
Panacos Pharmaceuticals announced this week that it's experimental maturation inhibitor, in-
Remember: People over 62 and under the new full retirement age of 67 are eligible for disability payments
PA-457, was able to lower HIV If disability can be demonstrated, that disability highest dose is higher
stead of early retirement benefits. viral load by an average of 90% (using thepayment amount tested). than
the early retirement benefit.
Maturation Inhibitors are a promising new class of anti-HIV drugs. Virus maturation is the process that oc-
curs during the for stages of HIV reproduction, after the virus initial claim level . from the infected cell. It
Current figures lastOregon show 67% of cases are denied at the has been released Over 89.4% are denied at
involves the processing of viral proteins and is required for discouraged and fail infectious. s blocking,
the second “Reconsideration” level. Many claimants becomethe virus to becometo file appealByor ask for a or
inhibiting, the virus maturation these appeals, and delays can add months to other cells in the
hearing. Time is of the essence inprocess, new virus cannot go on to infect processing times. body.
We've updated our drug summary page on PA-457, which describes the results of the latest clinical trial:

PA-457: A Complete Summary,es0k,3ro,cem6,6ldg,i9q6,87vs

From 08/24/05
ASK DEBBY:   Network News   3
4    Network News                                                                H T T P :/ / W W W .AS K .H R S A. GO V /   O R E GO N H I V / A ID S C AS E M A NA GE M E NT

                                                                Comings and Goings
                                                               Comings and Goings
                   CAP has a new Executive Director, Jean Ann Van Krevelen. She started January 3rd and was
                 CAP welcomes Chauncey Harris as the new Housing Services Coordinator and Sandra
                  the former ED of RAIN (Regional AIDS Intercommunity Network), the statewide AIDS services
                  organization in Statewide Benefits Counselor. to our community and encourage the
                 Sciaccotti as theOklahoma. We welcome Jean Ann Sandra can be reached outside you all to
                  take area by calling personally greet her.
                 metro an opportunity to800-687-9845. We are saddened to announce the CAP Housing
            Specialist Dan Leonard died on September 1st due to complications from cancer treat-
            ment. He is sorely missed by a new Benefits at CAP as well as by his many friends who
     Cascade AIDS Project is now offeringclients and staffAssistance Program funded by the Oregon
            receive Human Services
     Department ofthis newsletter. HIV program. The purpose of the program is to provide technical
     assistance regarding benefits to case managers who provide services to people living with HIV/AIDS.
     In addition to services technical assistance the program will provide regional trainings to case managers
     and will accept direct referral of Title II clients to address specific issues. As part of the services that we
     offer to case managers, we will give ongoing monthly updates in this column in the “Network News”,
     a publication that goes out to Ryan White case managers and other providers statewide.

     This statewide program offers assistance in the following areas:

             •        Medicaid (OHP)
             •        Medicare (Part A, Part B, Part D)
             •        CAREAssist (ADAP)
             •        FHIAP
             •        OMIP
             •        COBRA
             •        Veteran’s Administration (VA)
             •        Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs
             •        Social Security (SSI, SSDI)
             •        Private Insurance

     Please let us know any suggestions and questions about this column and which areas or topics you
     would like to see in the future training sessions so we can better meet your needs.

     Column provided by Sandra Sciaccotti, Statewide Benefits Coordinator at Cascade AIDS Project.
     (503) 223-5907 ext. 235 (800) 687-9845 Fax: (503) To Stopping Spread of Disease, Editorial Says
     HIV/AIDS Prevention Information Critical 223-7087
     Access this story and related links online:
     Fact Sheets Address Daily Living with HIV
     The fight against HIV/AIDS "belongs to everyone," and the "incurable disease is entirely preventable if
     people HIVInSite has information series on it," a fact sheets, "Daily Living with HIV," that provide
     UCSF's have the right developed a and actof patient Detroit Free Press editorial says. Although blacks in
     the U.S. information about living with HIV. Topics "their own communities and churches isolate HIV
     practical "now suffer most from this disease," ofteninclude: complementary therapies; coping withthem
          mental health; sex and sexuality; drugs and alcohol; nutrition; and exercise.
     and fail to provide support networks that would promote safer sex and testing," according to the edito-
     To view thestate sheets go to:
     rial. Local, fact and federal governments must do more to provide funding and promote HIV/AIDS pre-
     vention, but communities and the media "also have a responsibility to spread the word about AIDS and
     The to prevent it," the Free Press says. "Indifference, ignorance and denial and their families will living
     how Puertas de Esperanza Conference, a conference for Latino PLWH/Awill mean more people be
     held and dying from, a in Portland. For more information contact Roberto prevent," the editorial con-
     with,on April 15th 2006 disease that information and awareness can easily Asotorga at CAP at
     503.223.5907 Free Press, 8/15). From Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report 8/16/05.
     cludes (Detroitor

    This newsletter is published by the HIV Case Management Partnership Project. Our thanks to           Comments and questions about this publication should be directed
    Kim Lewis for her patient proofreading, Myrna Walking Eagle for maintaining the mailing list,        to: Rick Stoller at, or 503) 230-1202, FAX (503)
    Jan Johnston for assembling and mailing, Denise Skrypkar for website posting and to the              230-1213, 5525 SE Milwaukie Ave. Portland, OR 97202
    Department of Human Services, Health Services for providing the printing and postage.                This issue, and issues from Feb 2002 on can be found
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