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									The sum of the digits of a 2-digit
  number is 8.If the digits are
    reversed,the number is
  decreased by 54. Find the
   The length & breadth of a
 rectangle are 10 cm. & 5 cm.
 resp.The length is increased
by 10% & breadth is increased
by 5%. What is the new area of
        the rectangle?
A person drives for 4 hours at a
speed of 10 km.per hour and for
6 hours at a speed of 20 km.per
 hour.Find the average speed.
A certain sum of money gives
 Rs.500 at 5% S.I. for 1 year.
What is the C.I.at the same rate
   at the end of 2 years ?
The average height of 4 friends
is 168 cm.John,whose height is
 170cm.,leaves the group.What
      is the new average?
A sum of money triples itself in
6 years.What is the compound
       rate of interest?
  Ashish sold 2 paintings for
  Rs.200 a piece.On one he
makes a profit of 10% & on the
other he makes a loss of 10%.
 Find the overall profit or loss.
A person travels 285 km.in 6hrs.
 In the 1st part of the journey,he
  travels at 40 km./hr.by bus.In
     the 2 nd part ,he travels at

   55km./hr.by train.How much
    distance does he travel by
   When the selling price of a
    watch is Rs.130,the loss
 percentage is 25%.What is the
gain or loss percentage if S.P. is
     increased to Rs.182 ?
A sum of money is divided bw.2
persons in the ratio 3:5.If share
 of 1 person is Rs.20 less than
  that of another,find the sum.
5 years ago,father’s age was 5
  times his son’s age. After 2
years,it becomes 3 times.What
   is the ratio of their present
    A man buys 2 horses for
Rs.1350.He sells one at a loss
 of 6% & the other at a gain of
7.5%.If on the whole,he neither
gains nor loses,what does each
          horse cost?
  Two trains start at the same
  time from A&B and proceed
 towards B&A at 32km./hr. and
41km./hr. resp.When they meet,
    it is found that 1 train has
  moved 45 km.more than the
other.Find the distance bw.A&B.
Sanju goes to school at 10km/hr
and reaches 6min.late.When he
travels at 12km/hr,he reaches 9
     minutes earlier than the
  scheduled time. What is the
 distance of the school from his
 A&B can do a job in 10 days.
B&C can do the same job in 15
days.If all the 3 together can do
the work in 6 days,then in how
many days,can B complete the
            whole job?
    20 men take 10 days to
 complete a job working at the
rate of 5hr/day.How much time
  would 15 men,who work for
 8hr/day take to complete the
           same job?
An inlet pipe alone can fill the
 whole tank in 10hr.while an
outlet pipe can empty the tank
in 25 hr.When both the pipes
are open,in what time will the
         tank be filled?
The difference bw.2 numbers is
  1365.When larger number is
 divided by the smaller one,the
quotient is 6 & the remainder is
  15.Find the smaller number.
   The average marks of 120
 students in a class is 35.If the
   average marks of passed
students is 39 & those of failed
students is 15,find the number
   of students who passed?
2 trains are running in opposite
 directions with speeds 54 & 48
km/hr.If they cross each other in
18seconds,& length of one train
is 100m,find the length of other
In20 litres of a mixture of milk &
water,the ratio of milk & water is
5:2.Find the quantity of water to
 be added in order to make this
             ratio 3:2.
Of the total amount received by
    Kiran,20%was spent on
     purchases & 5% of the
 remaining on transportation.If
he is left with Rs.1520,find the
          initial amount.
 The C.I. on Rs.30000 at 7%pa
for a certain period is Rs.4,347.
        Find the period.
By selling a table Aditya earned
  a profit equal to one fourth of
the price for which he bought it.
 If he sold it for Rs.375,find the
         C.P.of the table.
   Rs.3960 is divided among
A,B&C such that half of A’s part,
one third of B’s part,& one sixth
 of C’s part are equal. Find B’s

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