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									?Many companies are implementing procedures and starting whole divisions aimed at
"cleaning up their act". The initiative to go green is stronger then ever and companies
that see the demand to follow suit are gladly jumping aboard instead of losing

This isn't to say that every business that goes green is doing it for purely selfish
reasons, certainly there are those businesses that have a general concern about the
environment, but the financial motivation is still there.

One way for consumers to show companies what changes are needed is through the
stock market. By buying and trading shares in companies consumers can show what
the public opinion of that company is. This is just one reason why eco conscience
consumers should invest in stocks from companies that have made a commitment to
going green.

There are plenty of eco friendly companies, mostly small in nature that are offering
stocks, mutual funds, and even bonds to the public. These companies' goods and
services all have a similar goal in mind, the preservation of the Earth by lessening the
negative impact of civilization. These green companies include those who consult
others on the use of eco friendly products, makers of organic and natural products like
food or clothing, and renewable energy firms.

The renewable energy companies seem to be the most popular green stocks as they
promises to be around for quite a while. Stocks in renewable energy are still relatively
inexpensive when compared with fossil fuels and the likelihood of renewable energy
to grow is great.

While eco friendly stocks are not yet popular with those wanting a long term
investment, there are certainly many people who are blazing ahead. These people are
commonly young adults who are pretty much guaranteed to see their green stocks
accumulate a profit in the future.

Of course, it is important to discuss any potential purchase of a stock whether green or
other with a broker as green stocks seem to be gaining a foot-hold in the market.

Consumers should be cautious before they invest money into companies that promise
eco friendly products and services. The fact is that Eco friendly is used by many as an
arbitrary term, something to garner attention when in actuality the company does
more to harm then to help the environment. Many of the eco friendly companies are
still relatively small and unknown so research will be required to make certain that
you are investing in a company that is truly green.

There are plenty of mutual funds and stocks on the market today that are great for
investors. An example is the Sierra Club Stock Fund which uses rigid criteria to make
sure that companies in the stock fund are truly eco friendly. Investors will find other
mutual funds like this on the market today along with individual stocks.

There are many Australian specific stocks that offer the environmentally conscience
investor a way to feel guilt free with their stock options.

CleanTeq is a relatively new company established in 1990. The primary objective of
CleanTeq is to provide air pollution control and water management methods. In the
Australian Stock Market, CleanTeq is listed as CLQ.

AnaeCo is using eco friendly methods in waste management and has seen recent
growth. Publicly listed as ANQ on the Australian Stock Market, the price for this
stock is still relatively low with significant room and chance of growth and represents
a great opportunity for investors who would like to diversify their stock portfolio by
adding an eco-friendly company.

Green Invest Ltd. is a company interested in environmental solutions and empowering
investors and the public to pursue green solutions. On the Australian Stock Market,
Green Invest Ltd is listed as GNV and is now seeking aggressive options to boost

The Green Pages is the leading environmentally friendly directory for people who
want to shop smarter to help the environment. To help Mother Nature, please visit Eco

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