Eco-Friendly Printing and Significance of FSC Registration

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					?Technology has transformed life style of the people around the world. Either it is
small or big we make a decision on how helpful and advantageous the technology is.
Any technology which is innovated has direct or indirect correlation with the printing
materials and its substitutes.

Today a lot of printing industries and companies are making a bet with each other and
stating that their organization is following green printing or Eco-friendly printing
knowledge. It has turn out to be a rivalry among the concerns. It is for the reason that
they want to grade at the top list and in the eyes of the other concerns and their
customers. But sorry to say only few organizations are up to the level in meeting the
requirements of eco friendly printing.

Despite the fact that the process is trouble-free still they don't want to replace their old
techniques of printing. The main principle of going away with the eco-friendly
printing is to employ the recycled materials. Therefore it reduces the effect of harmful
chemical substances in the environment and the effect comes down to the minimal
level. Those industries or concerns that are conscious about the process can spread
knowledge to others in order to save and protect our earth environment from harmful

FSC Registration for eco-friendly printing
All printing industries have to get certified with ISO14001 and FSC (Forest
Stewardship Council). Never craft any bogus claims on environmental related issues.
If customers or clients are intense in knowing whether the print industry from which
they are dealing is legitimate or not in its eco friendly printing activities its
membership can be confirmed with FSC.

The foremost aim of FSC is to endorse forest conservation. It has laid down some
measures, internationally accepted benchmarks and standards for those who have
taken part in forest preservation and in greenery. A concern that obtain certificate with
FSC has to utilize recycled papers. Papers produced must be 100% chlorine free,
post-consumer waste (PCW), no coatings, and gets certified with FSC.

Use suitable inks and colors for printing procedures. Make Use of soy based ink
sequentially to get rid of the petroleum based ink. Vegetable based inks are also best
option. Always go off with recycled inks. The presence of chemical material is lesser
in such inks thus it becomes easy to eliminate them when it is recycled.
To print by means of wind or solar power as this are renewable source of energy.
Papers which make use of this energy resource should be encouraged in the market.
Only crucial documents should be printed and bought in the market.

The printing actions ought to be done in negligible font size, requisite margins, and
least usage of colors. It also supports organization to go through the waterless printing
option. Alertness can be extended just by adding environmental friendly symbols,
paper used for print is recycled, soy ink symbol or text line and usage of renewable

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