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									?Making your boutique unique and interesting is a priority for boutique owners. Your
style, design and decoration say a lot about your store. The feel and atmosphere of
your boutique have a lot to do with whether or not people return.

Boutiques are popular because they offer interesting items and give people the sense
that they've found something unique. Boutiques carry unique brands that can't be
found in big department stores or other retail shops. Choosing your decorating style
and executing it are as important as the brands you choose to carry. This is because
boutique shoppers are looking for more of a memorable experience than they would
be if they were shopping in a regular store.

Many boutiques use an eclectic style of decorating. This style allows you to take your
own unique finds and use them in the store. Everything doesn't have to go together, so
it opens up a lot of opportunities for finding good deals and second hand bargains.
You also don't have to buy everything at once. You can add to the décor when you
find something that you think is interesting.

Creating the eclectic feel can be a little tricky if you don't know where to start. You
want to avoid making your boutique look cluttered or thrown together. Start with your
bigger items and go from there. If you plan on creating interesting nooks and corners
of your store, then start by looking at furniture that can be used to separate sections of
the store.

Dressers, couches, end tables and more can be used to divide areas of interest and also
can be used to display items. Shop antique stores, furniture stores, or even used
furniture stores to find some special pieces. This is probably where you are going to
spend the most money, so budget accordingly. You will probably fall in love with a
particular piece, so use it to determine what else you might want that goes along with

Try not to match wood or colors unless it goes along with your theme. This will help
you to not limit yourself when it comes to future purchases. Diversity is the goal when
you are going for an eclectic feel. Purposely combine different woods, metals,
finishes and fabrics. You may even decide to recover old couches yourself, using
interesting fabrics, to make sure that you have an original on your hands.

You can use rugs to help bring certain areas together. For example, if you have a
white-washed dresser, you probably don't want a modern looking black sofa next to it.
But, if you do want to make extremely different items look like they go together, then
think about the accessories. A rug that contains both colors can help make the two
look like they match. Art, throw pillows, blankets and ottomans can make things come

Think about your eclectic feel when you select a style of garment rack. There are
many interesting clothing racks on the market that break the mold of the standard
chrome circular. You can get a garment rack that is ornate and fits your style. You can
use different types of garment racks in different areas of your boutique to make sure
that you are keeping it interesting.

Using unique furniture and garment racks is a good way to set the stage for future
decorations. Less is sometimes more, so choosing these items wisely will help you
decorate without creating clutter.

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