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Ebook Ecommerce is Pure Ecommerce


									?All the topics that are covered under today's ecommerce are as vast as the ocean.
There is just as much unexplored territory and information that we have yet to learn
about as well. What was once a very simple concept that used to only cover faxes and
ATM transactions is now not only complex but a daily part of many of our lives.
Ecommerce is so prolific and vast now that you may engage in it daily and have no
idea that it can be classified as such. There is an enormous opportunity to make decent
money in this arena because there are so many ways to make money. Because of this
there are tons of books to be had on the topic. A large number of those are free
ecommerce ebooks. In fact there are a lot of ebooks on all sorts of topics. Some are
free some are not. You can find many free ecommerce ebooks. Ironically ebook
ecommerce is one of the purest forms of ecommerce.

Ecommerce is any aspect of business or a business transaction that occurs with the
assistance of electronic transfers. This can be transfer of money or transfer of
information. So even if you are not paying for something like receiving a free
ecommerce ebook, you are still engaging in it. Most business transactions are a
combination of ecommerce and regular commerce. You might go to a brick and
mortar store to buy a hard good but you pay for that good with an electronic check or
debit. This payment is the electronic portion in an otherwise regular commerce
transaction. Perhaps you buy this same product online. Now the source of your
product is an ecommerce source and the payment will be an electronic payment but
there still remains the hard good or the product and this is under the realm of regular

Ebook ecommerce is pure ecommerce. Ebooks (even free ecommerce ebooks) are
offered online. So we know that this is considered such. When you buy a product
online you pay for it online in the form of a credit card, debit card or electronic check
and of course once again this definitely qualifies. So far our ebook ecommerce model
is turning out to be a pure ecommerce transaction. Since we have already established
that you don't have to pay for a good in order for you to be involved in ecommerce, it
is clear that even a free ecommerce ebook is still under the realm.

The part of the transaction that usually falls under regular commerce is in the transfer
of the product because it is usually a hard good or service. In the case of ebook
commerce, the product is also an electronic product that is transferred to the customer
via the internet. Any thing you receive online, even the free ecommerce ebooks, is
considered of course electronic. So ebook ecommerce is a purely ecommerce
transaction. It can be carried out completely online with no physical interaction taking
place and no physical good or service being received. What a perfect way to learn
about it.

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