Easy Ways to Back up Your Computer Files

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					?In a perfect world you'd never have to worry about losing any of the important files
on your computer. But in reality the chances of you losing everything on your
computer are pretty high. Most people have pictures, tax files, resumes and a host of
other important files on their computer but have never made a backup copy. A hard
drive crash or a virus could wipe out everything tomorrow, so why have you backed
up your data yet?

I believe the reason most people have not backed up their files is that they're not sure
how to do it. So today, let's look at some simple ways to give your data a second life
and give you some peace of mind.

An important first consideration is to insure that all your files are in one place. By that,
I mean that if you save all your files in your My Documents then it makes it easy to
find all the files you need to back up. In fact you can simply backup that one folder,
along with its contents, and you're done. On the other hand if you commonly save
files on your desktop or other places on your computer you have to remember where
they are so you can back them up as well. Personally, I'd move everything into the My
Documents folder.

If you do not have a lot of media like music and pictures to back up the easiest thing
to do is buy an inexpensive USB flash drive. If you do have a lot of media I'd suggest
buying an external hard drive. You can find an external hard drive online for around
$ 100.

Once you have an external device to back up your files you could simply copy your
important files by dragging your files from your My Documents to the external drive.
For a one time backup that works great, but if you're like most people, you're
constantly creating new files that should be backed up as well.

In case of a fire or natural disaster it may be a good idea to keep a copy of important
files in another location. They've even recently added a free backup &
synchronization service. It's secure and easy to use.

An article about data backups would not be complete without mentioning Acronis
True Image. If your hard drive were to crash you'd ever have buy a new hard drive,
then reinstall your Operating System, the drivers, all your programs and finally
re-load all the files you backed up. Acronis True Image costs $ 50 but it allows you to
make an exact image of your entire hard drive so, should yours fail, you would install
a new hard drive and restore the Acronis image and your computer would be exactly
like it was the last time you created the image. An Acronis image would save several
hours of work so unless you were intending to just buy a new computer if yours ever
crashed you may want to consider this option.

This article has given you several simple options to backup your computer files but
the most important thing I can leave you with is to do something now. Knowledge
without action is useless and you'll appreciate the peace of mind knowing you'll have
your most important files are safely backed up.

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