Easy Conversion From Word To PDF Or HTML Formats With ClicktoConvert by hkksew3563rd


									?PDF and HTML formats are the order of the day. It is no secret that PDF and HTML
formats are widely used by Internet users for a myriad of reasons. Often, you will find
the need to convert Word to PDF or HTML format and with that, the need for a
convenient file converter.

ClicktoConvert, now in its 6th edition is a wonder on its own. With more than 30,000
users worldwide including renowned names such as BP, Cisco and British Telecom to
name but a few, the integrity and credibility of the tool is not to be denied. There was
a time when PDF and HTML conversion was a difficult task. However, with
ClicktoConvert, the task can be accomplished in just a matter of 2 clicks! Yes, that is
right. You can convert either 1 or 100 documents concurrently. ClicktoConvert is
user-friendly and does not require any training. Even if you have no technical
expertise, you will be able to convert Word to PDF or HTML formats with the simple
step-by-step instructions.

In addition to Word document conversions, ClicktoConvert also allows for other
document conversions such as Excel to PDF or PowerPoint to PDF conversions. The
simplicity and technology involved is amazement in itself. Personally, I am always
intrigued by documents that allow for simple navigation. With ClicktoConvert, all
your PDF or HTML files will have a hyper-linked table of contents or even
bookmarks. This will allow for easy and convenient navigation of all your documents.

With ClicktoConvert, you are now able to convert Word to PDF or HTML files so
much easier than before. With the constant support team at hand to attend to your
questions or problems, you can be assured of a smooth-sailing file conversion
regardless of you and your company's requirements. What's more, your purchase is
backed by a money-back guarantee if at all you are not fully satisfied.

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