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					?Affiliate marketing is highly profitable business venture. It is driven by web
applications and web technology and therefore classified as a web service. In affiliate
marketing, web site owners and advertisers work together to meet some common
goals. The owner of the web sites does the advertising and marketing of the goods and
the advertiser specifies as what to advertise and objectives of such tasks.

Web sites are the next best spaces after real environment spaces and stores. The space
on the web sites is cheaper than any other platform. An advertiser or merchant can
display a number of products in a small space say one web page.

Affiliates can be made to work on performance basis. This way the merchant is
always on the safer side. The merchant has to pay a profit share and not just a big time
investment for which returns may or may not be made.

To earn money with affiliate all that a merchant needs is to devise a proper plan and
affiliate program. Affiliate programs are scheduled work modules which allow the
publishers to advertise and promote the goods and services provided by the merchant.
Affiliate programs are meant to make the publisher understand the requirements and
try to provide assistance in return for the remunerations.

Affiliate programs should be framed with care and caution. Some important aspects of
such programs are the content requirements, the communication between the affiliate
and the advertiser, the payment structure, monitoring of the process, etc. Taking care
of them, the merchant can earn good money and reputation with the affiliate.

The advertising tasks which an affiliate performs on day to day basis may help the
short term goals but for sustainable growth advertisers have to stress on building up a
good relation with the affiliate.

Many cases have been reported where the merchants or earn money with affiliate than
from other sources. One reason for it may be the nature of the service itself. A web
sites publisher or affiliate places your product to thousands of the people and there are
good chances of few buying them or expressing their interest in the products. It
happens everyday with the users surfing on the Internet and landing on the web sites
to discover that they need something of that sort. It is all but possible.

Author M Wali is the co founder of Rupiz Affiliates, a leading online media buying
agency. She is heading a team of experts, which is into earn money with affiliate,
search engine optimization, online advertising, affiliate marketing.

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