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									?One of the best things in current information period is: a lot more ways and
techniques for making a dollar are developed. In the modern epoch, even wholesale
articles could be a terrific chance to earn a living. Of course, there are variety of other
means to make a buck by drafting articles. As it is widely acknowledged, the Internet
is now filled with endless chances. And this builds the foundation that articles can be
quite profitable today.

Firstly, you can write articles for advertising, usually in a comparatively indirect way,
of course. A good article can be very effective to promote your website, your company,
your items, your services or everything you are about to publicize. The article can be
published in article directories and Internet media as many as possible on the
condition that your article doesn't have the risk of being regared as spam article. In
this regard, originality and quality content are a guarantee for not being spamed from
the perfusion of article directories or forums. But if you choose to draft articles for a
company, not to submit the articles to other places as the uniqueness of the same
article is one of the standards on SEO. That is, if you wish to attract new visitors from
search engines, you'd better publish the article only once in one location.

Secondly, as content is the decisive for almost every website, a great number of
articles are demanded by Internet companies to climb higher in the search engines.
Whether as a professional writer or as a freelancer, you can earn money by composing
articles for organizations. People seldom realized the influence of articles on the page
rank and search rank in the old days, but today more and more companies have
learned that good articles to a large extent influence the whole content weighing of
any site. For instance, a wholesale online store targeting at US buyers often needs a
large number of articles with two or three keywords for SEO purpose and positive
search results which emerge in the main search engines like Google and Yahoo.
Consequently, more and more article writing companies are emerging to satisfy the
demanding demans. These agents give article writing services by employing full-time
authors to write articles based on the needs of their customers. Or they just function as
a bridge medium to offer services for part-time writers to sell their articles or compose
articles as demanded and for organizations to look for authors to generate articles for
certain project.

Thirdly, you can create articles to get money from the services like Google AdSense
and CJ affiliate program. You can open an account in WordPress and create a weblog
there. Then create articles to talk about the products, services or brands in the blog
from a personal perspective. Keep the articles written from a third party and maintain
a personal voice throughout your weblog. Add hyperlinks copied from those affiliate
programs to the keywords you decide to promote. If the link is clicked by a reader
who then buy the product, or buy certain good at the website, you get the money!
Often, a commission is given on a 2%--50% foundation varied from differential item
categories or services. You may create a weblog or website posting articles written
exclusively for one commodity, one category of items or one type of services. For
example, build a online journal about car parts. Or, build a blog for many different
commodities or services to comment on buying experiences, suggestions or anything
else about what you want to advertise.

As discussed above, composing articles can be a feasible method to make money.
Whether you plan to marketing your own website or your company, or you just wish
to sell articles as a wholesale business, you can make a lot of money just by

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