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					?To earn extra income with an online home based business your WHY needs to create
a real burning desire within you. When your why is strong enough it will be the one
thing that will help you confidently face the challenges, pull you through the tough
times and get you over the obstacles that are bound to crop up along the home
business highway.

Develop a strong belief in yourself and your own capabilities and this will ward off
any opinions from others or negative comments directed at you or your home based

When you are certain why you need or want to earn extra income it will make it easier
for you to be disciplined in order to avoid the many distractions that come with
working at home.

Establish a working routine as early as possible and head for your home office as if
you were off to a normal job. The great advantage of having an online home based
business is that you can set yourself flexible hours but try and aim to work at your
business consistently on a daily basis.

Carefully plan to work around your family commitments. You never want them to feel
that your online home based business takes preference over them.

Do let your friends know your routine as soon as possible, because friends for some
reason think that if you work at home you have time to go shopping with them, share
a cup of coffee or just sit and chat for hours.

As you will be your own boss and responsible for your own business, which is a far
cry from being an employee and having a boss to tell you what to do, you will need to
be able to work on your own, plan effectively, make your own decisions and stick to
them. If you adopt an entrepreneurial attitude and this will reflect in your online home
based business.

Be sure to write your goals down and strive to achieve them. Breaking your goals
down into short, medium and long term goals will keep your focused on your main
goal to earn extra income with your home based online business.

By constantly remaining in learning mode you will keep abreast with developments
on the internet that could affect your business.

The fear of failure is one thing that keeps many people from achieving success. You
need to adopt a Never Quit attitude and be determined to do whatever it takes (legally
of course) to succeed.

Do not set yourself up for a major disappointment by expecting to earn extra income
immediately. This is one of the major reasons so many people fail to earn online and
quit so early on.

No one can predict when you will start earning extra income and should you decide to
quit you could be just a matter of hours away from success. Simply refuse to let
failure be an option for you.

Stay focused and concentrate on the business building process and once you have
successfully accomplished this then you will earn extra income with your own online
home based business.

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