E-waste_ A long lasting Trouble by hkksew3563rd


									?E- Wastes commonly known as electronic wastes are nothing but discarded electrical
equipments .With the advancement in the recent technological innovations electronic
goods are not anymore luxury items. Nowadays electronic gadgets has been most
commonly used everywhere from schools to houses. Currently only countries with
advanced recycling technologies are recycling these electronic wastes nowadays.
Other countries are just land filling or burning these wastes at Incineration plants
which is an unhealthy process for our society.

Unsafe levels of E-wastes in our Day to day products

Back in 2008 the total number of computers present in our world exceeds the billion
counts. As per predictions by world bodies it is said that this figures will increase by
more than 100% resulting in 2 billion computers by 2015. The worst thing with the
increase in numbers of these computers is the presence of materials like plastic, lead,
mercury inside them. The research specifies that one billion computers contain 5.6
billion kgs of plastic, 1.4 billion kgs of lead and 0.5 million kgs of mercury.

Disadvantages with the land filling

The e-wastes discarded beneath the earth as landfills releases heavy non degradable
metal components like lead, cadmium and mercury into atmosphere. Another
poisonous metal released from these electrical products, mercury can accumulate with
the food cycle in a bad way. This in turn can cause severe human and environmental
health impacts. Also possibilities are more for the ground water pollution from the
contaminants produced from these electronic wastes generated. Even some acids are
released from these wastes in landfills leading to air and land pollution in heavy
populated areas.

Disadvantages with the Incineration Plants

E-waste components in incineration plants results in the release of high toxic
materials such as lead and mercury. Other toxicants like dioxins and furans are
released from the plastic material present in these electrical items. More over The
flames emitted during the burning process emits high toxic components brominated
dioxins and furans. All the above listed components are extremely dangerous to
human beings in many ways.

It's not too late to combine waste management in our life and train people on how to
reduce the e-waste and e-pollutants. As a responsible citizen we can show our support
by buying eco friendly electronic items released in the market.

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