Aseptic Filling Machine Isolator by mikesanye


									Single Source Isolation Technologies

 Aseptic Filling
Machine Isolator
AseptIc FIllIng MAchIne IsolAtor

The Walker Barrier Systems small              Design Advantages:                          Options:
scale Filling Machine Isolator is
                                              ■   Ergonomically designed oval             ■   PLC based control systems with
designed to enclose the filling,
                                                  gloveports are specified as                 automated valves.
stoppering and capping operations
                                                  standard, with Hypalon gloves.          ■   RTP system for sterile liquid entry.
of a Powder or Liquid Filling
                                              ■   Fully welded 7 gauge 316L               ■   Automatic negative pressure breach
Machine while providing an Aseptic
                                                  stainless steel construction, with          ventilation system (available for
environment for the process. Featuring
                                                  laminated safety glass, and 5/8             potent aseptic filling applications).
unidirectional airflow, hinged
                                                  inch corner radiuses.                   ■   Connection to an external
“easy-lift” window panels and special
                                              ■   The digital pressure controller             vial washer (separate piece
“mouse hole” for the exit of filled vials.
                                                  allows the Isolator to maintain             of equipment) on the exit of
                                                  a constant pressure within high             the isolator.
Process Description:                              and low set points, with a visual       ■   Full validation services available
                                                  alarm back-up.                              including IQ/OQ protocols.
This isolator allows for the entry of pre-
                                              ■   Positive pressure ventilation
sterilized stoppers and caps through                                                      Our Sales and Engineering staff
                                                  system with HEPA filtration and
a Rapid Transfer Port (RTP). Powder                                                       will work closely with you to design
                                                  a self contained unidirectional
is also presented into the Isolator                                                       the optimum system to meet your
                                                  airflow system.
via the RTP. Glassware is transferred                                                     needs. Walker Barrier Systems offers
                                              ■   One RTP alpha port used for
to the isolator in separate transfer                                                      complete in-house design, mock-ups,
                                                  introduction of trayed empty vials.
isolators. The Transfer Isolator “docks”                                                  engineering, fabrication, installation
                                              ■   One RTP alpha port used for
to the filling isolator via a RTP and                                                     and onsite start up services.
                                                  introduction of stoppers, caps
the trays of glassware are manually
                                                  and product.
positioned on the accumulator of
                                              ■   Several spooled sanitary fittings
the filling machine. The vials are
                                                  (various sizes) for vacuum, liquids,
automatically moved by the filling
                                                  nitrogen, etc.
machine through the filling, stoppering
                                              ■   Several compression fittings
and capping stations and exit through
                                                  (various sizes) for electrical
a “mouse hole” in the end wall of the
                                                  wire pass-through.
isolator. A conveyor carries the vials
                                              ■   Special “mouse hole” protected
from the Isolator under an external
                                                  by unidirectional airflow for exit of
unidirectional airflow module and into
                                                  filled vials.
the adjoining packaging room.
                                              ■   Cam-lock connections for inlet and
                                                  outlet of gas sterilant.
                                              ■   Temperature control to maintain the
                                                  Isolator at ambient temperature with
                                                  high/low set points.

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