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									?Formerly known as Great Plains Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics GP has dedicated
suite of so-called Distributions modules, where you may expect the business logic,
typically deployed in Logistics, Supply Chain Management. However some or even
most of SCM related operations you expect to be performed on the Warehouse floor,
or even when truck is delivering shipments to your customers or picking up
merchandise at the warehouse of your supplier. In these scenarios you theoretically
deploy such technologies as 3G or 4G broadband (WiMax or LTE brands) internet for
your truck driver and have him equipped with portable computer with Dynamics GP
client application installed. But that would be something rather exotic and difficult to
implement, plus you probably expect your truck drivers and warehouse workers to be
trained to record transactions with simple devices, such as Barcode laser scanners,
where only limited and pretty straight forward training is needed (versus the idea to
have your worker to be trained in rather sophisticated Great Plains user interface
where you may enjoy the advantage of deploying cheap USB connected Barcode
scanners). Lets review WMS and Logistics add-ons for Dynamics GP, enabled for
barcoding with relatively simple user interface:

1. Warehouse Management System is often considered as central part of Supply
Chain Management theory, where the definitions of SCM may vary from one theorist
to another. In some definitions Supply Chain Management theory has emphasis on
Manufacturing and Production, in others it is more WMS oriented. But in both cases,
there is no conflict with picking Dynamics GP as Corporate MRP or ERP in Logistics
and SCM oriented business environment. For those of you who have some
manufacturing or assembly on order requirements, Great Plains has as heavy lifting
Manufacturing Suite as well as light weight Distributions Bill of Material module
(often considered as extension to Inventory Control). WMS has three key components:
Inventory restocking (this functionality is implemented in GP Purchase Order
Processing module in Purchase Receipt), Merchandise move between sites plus
adjustments (returns, damaged, in-service, spoiled, best before period expired done in
Inventory Transaction in GP) and the third component is Order Fulfillment or
Allocation (classical routine for Great Plains Sales Order Processing document to be
fulfilled in the separate step). When you are evaluation WMS for Dynamics GP you
typically have to choose from two options: external Warehouse Management System
(where you have large number of successful implementation, but as a drawback it has
so-called integration module or connectors to export Warehouse originating
transactions to Great plains) or Dynamics GP WMS extensions (working directly
from Great Plains company database and with tight coordination with GP forms and
master records; here you have the opposite pluses and minuses it might have narrow
base of installations, but you should not expect additional budget for WMS
integration phase)

2. WMS and Barcoding equipment selection. This topic requires special
consideration and we recommend you to do your homework in barcode scanners,
labels printers, RFID devices selection. This is not only the question of picking the
best device from its price to available features chart. Lets consider the hypothetical
scenario when you have decided to pick specific barcode laser scanner and then you
realized that your Dynamics GP Reseller indicates to you, that this device is not
compatible out of the box with your chosen Warehouse Management application, this
is not a real problem (for your GP consultants) just custom programming is needed to
automate your chosen WMS barcoding device

3. Dynamics GP Logistics, or going beyond the Warehouse Management System
functionality. We recommend you to call Microsoft Business Solutions on the
Dynamics GP ISV partners list, supporting various Distributions, SCM, Logistics
features. MBS might be a bit difficult to contact (who is your regional rep, what is
your support level, service plan, etc.) if you feel that this is your situation, we
recommend you to call your Dynamics GP VAR (through whom you purchased GP
software licenses and implemented the ERP application itself). If you have no idea
who are these people, feel free to call our office directly and we will play the role of
your representative with Microsoft

4. Dynamics GP Logistics, SCM and Distribution custom programming. This is
very common scenario, when you have to realize that your company has sort of
unique business practices (and this is not necessary and bad thing, as it might give you
competitive advantages on the marketplace). Great Plains is generic Corporate ERP
application and it is not really exposed to custom programming in such extents as
peripheral modules, as Warehouse Management, SCM, Logistics and Distribution.
Dynamics GP custom programming is not a such a big deal there are various tools to
choose from: Microsoft Dexterity (former Great Plains Dexterity), eConnect,
Integration Manager, VBA with Modifier, direct SQL scripting such as SQL Views
and Stored Procedures

5. To      request    further    support,    please   call    us    1-866-528-0577,
help@albaspectrum.com We need to discuss your cards in order to recommend you
the best solutions, which is not contingent to our preferences. We serve you
USA/Canada nationwide via remote support (web sessions and phone/skype
conferences). Local service is available in Western Michigan, Chicagoland, Southern
California (LA, Orange County, San Diego), Houston area of the state of Texas

Andrew Karasev, Great Plains Dynamics GP and eEnterprise Certified Master,
Microsoft MVP and consultant with 10 years and plus experience and expertise. Alba
Spectrum, 1-866-528-0577, help@albaspectrum.com. If you are thinking to
implement Dynamics GP in challenging environment, we recommend you to give us a
call. Our information portal is Pegas Planet

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