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					?Great Plains integrations, especially in Edi and ecommerce scenarios are very
popular and in our opinion they are not overly too complex to design and implement.
If you are MS Visual Studio C#, VB .Net programmer with some SQL and XML
skills, you should be able to program real time or batch mode integrations in eConnect
SDK for Dynamics GP, and as such your integration could be called directly as part of
your ecommerce web site instruments. However if you do not carry programmer in
your IT department, but have some SQL expertise, you do not even have to touch
eConnect, as most of the job could be done in Great Plains Integration Manager
directly, and you could schedule integration as macro, and the rest of work for EDI or
ecommerce integration could be done in SQL Views. Read this small publication as
orientation session in GP IM:

1. Simple integration scenarios. If you have text CSV or tab delimited file as
integration source, then all you need to do is to establish simple text file source and if
your target has header and lines, where you have only single file, you need to look at
grouping feature. For example, if you plan to import GL transactions - one per each
day of Retail operations, natural grouping would be transaction date. Two sources will
be based on one text file, where header will be grouped by date and transactions will
be as they are and you link header and lines by Date field

2. Advanced ODBC over text file. Imaging that you have CSV or Excel file, which
has several columns, staying for SOP Invoice Item lines each column. In our opinion,
this one is pretty challenging in creating Advanced ODBC Source and then creating
unions over the same text file, pulling specific column in first select, then unionize it
with the second column in the second select and so on. This natural technology of
building unions is unfortunately complicated by bugs in ODBC Text driver, where
you cannot save Select statement field format in INI file. The work around - have
driver guess on field format every integration once again

3. Advanced ODBC over SQL View. This is the most advanced scenario, when you
can expose transactions from ODBC compliant DB: MS SQL Server, Oracle, Linux
PHP MySQL, Microsoft Access, Lotus Notes (with repetitive records). Our favorite
technique is this - create linked server in MS SQL Server 2005 Management Studio or
SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager and then create heterogeneous, meaning
cross-platform SQL View and base Advanced ODBC Source on that view. Here you
can practice with EDI (precisely formatted SQL Select statement). To make your
integration more powerful, consider creation SQL DTS package, where you expose
specific day transactions set and mark them as exposed and when integration is
accomplished with success flag, mark those transactions as integrated

4. VBA scripting in IM integration. Here you have additional alteration options in
even driven scripts: Before Integration, Before Document Commit, etc. Good
example would be something like this - imagine you are in Collection business and
you have to issue checks to your customers with 30 days payment delay. In Before
Document commit script you can increase check date accordingly

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