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					           Tucker Advisory Group now offers its agents

High-Level Life Insurance Expertise

 Now you can truly take care
  of all your clients’ needs.           Life Insurance Strength, Depth and Breadth
   Tucker Advisory Group               Davis Life Brokerage is the premier life insurance
   is happy to announce                brokerage that meets the same high standards of
       our partnership
                                       integrity and service that have always defined Tucker
          with Davis Life
                                       Advisory Group. Davis Life Brokerage is located in
            Brokerage for
                                       the insurance capital of Des Moines, Iowa, and was
             all your life
              insurance                founded in 1980 by Ronald Davis. It is now in its
               business.               second generation of ownership, currently co-owned
                                       and managed by brothers Jon and Trent Davis.
                                       Jon Davis has 27 years of
                                       industry experience and he has
                                       held key positions at carriers and
                                       broker-dealers. He is a Fellow
                                       of the Society of Actuaries and
                                       a Member of the American
                                       Academy of Actuaries – a very
                                       unique and special qualification
                                       to find among an owner of a life
                                       brokerage shop.
                                       Trent Davis has 18 years of
                                       industry experience. Additionally,
                                       while working at 20th Century
                                       Fox, Trent’s experience working
                                       directly for three billionaires
                                       gave him a deep understanding
                                       of the affluent market’s values,
                                       perceptions, and needs. That
                                       understanding helps guide the
                                       services that Davis Life Brokerage
                                       offers in that market.
                                       The Davis Life Brokerage team also includes five life
                                       marketers and an advanced planning marketer, all
                                       with many years of experience both in the industry
                                       and with Davis Life Brokerage.
                                       For an advisor affiliated with the Tucker Advisory
                                       Group to have access to all this expertise – at no cost
                                       to you – is priceless.

                                Davis Life Brokerage
                                                  When You Work with this Underwriting Team,
                                                    You and Your Clients Reap the Rewards
                                                Selling annuities provides you with the luxury of
                                                guaranteed issue. But for you and your client to have a
                                                smooth, trouble-free life insurance experience, it is crucial
                                                to have an expert, agency-based underwriting team to help
                                                you through the process.
And, there’s more! CEDARSTM                     The Davis Life Brokerage’s on-staff underwriting team:
is a value-added service that is                • Helps you get the best offer for your clients the
proprietary to Davis Life Brokerage.              first time.
Thanks to our relationship, it is now           • Your cases get sent to the right carriers, without
available to Tucker Advisory Group.               unnecessary delays and frustrations.
High net worth clients have a                   • Assistance with trial applications, so you know what to
substantial estate tax problem.                   quote to your clients.
These taxes can eat up 55% of their             • More expertise at placing substandard cases than
wealth if their estate is not properly            anyone else.
structured.                                     • Case design expertise.
                                                • Knowledgeable advice and guidance.
CEDARS starts with our Certified                The Davis Life Brokerage team helps you gather all the
Fact Finder, where you gather crucial           necessary records up front, compiles them in such a way
client information that is essential to         that it presents your client in the best light, and gets those
get a good recommendation. Davis                records to the carriers that are most competitive with your
Life Brokerage’s expert case design             particular client’s health condition.
team then goes to work, completing
an analysis for your client that                Most life brokerage agencies don’t have a single underwriter
includes an attorney review. They               on staff. Davis Life Brokerage has a whole team of
build detailed recommendations                  underwriters with more than 165 years of combined
with illustrations. You then present            experience. They know their carriers and have the clout
the recommendations to your client.             to get cases through. It is this team that will ensure your
                                                experience selling life insurance will be a good one, and it
The bottom line is that CEDARS                  is a key reason that Tucker Advisory Group has chosen to
gives you credibility in the affluent           partner with Davis Life Brokerage for life insurance.
market. It is comprehensive, fully
customized, low cost and helps
                                                  To tap into all this expertise, all you need to do is
generate referrals. Davis Life
                                                  contact Davis Life Brokerage and identify yourself
Brokerage can provide additional
assistance by jointly working with                   as a member of the Tucker Advisory Group.
you on the case and qualified
producers receive full training on the                             You can find them at:
system.                                •

                                          Life Insurance Carriers
 As you would expect, Davis Life Brokerage has a complete line-up of life carriers to assist us in fulfilling
 our mission to serve our clients. These carriers include:
             Allianz • Aviva • AXA • ING ReliaStar • John Hancock • Lincoln Benefit
                       Lincoln National • Minnesota Life • Sun Life • West Coast

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