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					?You can bid for products and services online daily with maximum safety and security. seeks to breakthrough the traditional concept of bidding and revolutionizes
the concept of the 'reverse auction' in a big way. serves to be the best
'reverse auction' site on the World Wide Web; seeking to offer you the best brands and
services at cost effective prices. The sole mission of is to reduce
purchasing expenses on branded merchandise and services for online consumers.

DubLi Network is the friendly network that provides you with a fantastic platform to
materialize your dreams into reality! This is your ultimate destination to an
overwhelming experience of success. DubLi Network is an ideal place for
entrepreneurs, industrialists, sole proprietors, marketers, programmers, investors and
many others who have the zeal to reach the zenith of prosperity to explore and
experiment with their businesses online in a fun filled strategic and innovative way.
The primary objective of this strategic move is to provide equal opportunities for
buyers on the web to profit from downward purchase pricing. The 'reverse auction'
business model offered by DubLi Network is a proactive effort to help you yield
maximum returns on Internet business as well as to provide high quality goods and
services to customers internationally. You get to reap the advantage of competitive
bidding. All you need to do is to ensure that your referral registers with
and rest assured that they will be your customers for a lifetime! Just imagine, you
don't have to spend any money to inventory any of the products or services offered in
the auctions. YOU earn money every time one of your customers or the
customers in your global organization places a bid on! Everyone is given
the opportunity to grab the global advantage of internet business and attract customers
from every nook and corner of the world.

DubLi is a world wide on line trading firm. It is composed of two very unique and
individual business models; - a reverse auction portal for high level
branded merchandise and DubLi Network - the business opportunity where anyone
can establish their own business in a competitive market; with little if no risk.

DUBLI is an avant-garde global online trading company that provides you with the
best deals possible as a consumer. It also provides you with a unique and innovative
business opportunity that will help you open new vistas to success. With the advent of
globalization and the liberalization of economic trends, the World Wide Web serves as
a potent place to explore infinite possibilities to earn and to explore new ventures.
With DubLi's reverse auction portal, you can ideally reach out to consumers and
establish a profitable business in any part of the world. This e-commerce opportunity
implemented by DubLi Network is one of the most effective ways imaginable to have
a global business. gives an individual the opportunity to fulfill his wants in the most
economical way without having to sacrifice his or her desires. The concept of a
reverse auction is welcomed as a refreshing new way of doing business. With all three
methods, participants purchase "Credits" and then spend them to reveal the current
bid price. When a price is revealed, the bid price of the item goes down 25 cents. Each
time a person spends a "Credit" the price decreases 25 cents regardless if you are
bidding on automobiles, designer watches, flat screen TV' s, digital cameras, and
everything in between. textitem2.tpl:

The auctions are fast paced and often time frenzied as customers from around the
world begin spending their "Credits" to bid on items they wish to purchase. With each
bid placed, the price of an item incrementally drops in price instead of increasing in
price like a traditional auction. There's lots of action going on; everyone is looking to
buy at the absolute lowest possible price. Our business model rewards the Business
Associates by paying them a commission on every "Credit" purchased by their
personal customers as well as the customers in their global community.

You can seize a global advantage with this type of auction and potentially earn
enormous profits as millions of people across the world are bidding on products and
services on your auction site. Since only carries the best products from
leading manufacturers around the world, a steady flow of daily activity is insured.
Ultimately it is the end users or customers who benefit directly from this unique
method known as 'reverse auctioning'. makes it possible for customers to
have an alternative way to conveniently find high ended products; with a full genuine
warranty, and services at lower than normal prices.

Another lucrative benefit offered by DubLi Network to enthusiastic business
associates is a "Golden Opportunity" to establish a profitable independent business
with little or no risk. With the DubLi Network's business strategy, you help and
reward your self by helping others become successful. By contributing to others
welfare, DubLi Network is profitable and it is emerging as one of the global leaders of
online shopping.

Everyone who is new to Dubli is wondering the business that runs towards this
website, below are the pointers on this new and cheap auction site which will
eventually be the latest auction sensation in the web for the following months to
Dubli Unique Bid Explained

This site requires bidders to place bids that are unique.

Lowest Unique Bid:
The bid that is the lowest and unmatched when the auction closes is the winning bid.

A Unique bid auction may run as follows:
.75 17
1.00 57
1.25 35
1.50 1 Lowest Unique Bid

If the auction declares the lowest unique bid as the winner, then the player who
submitted a bid of $1.50 would win the auction, and would be qualifiedeligible to
purchase the product or service for $1.50, because their bid was the lowest unique bid.

A $1,000 item can be won for pennies this way. However, the eligible price is more
than a penny as in order to place each bid it cost a Dubli credit now at 80 cents.

The bids of other participants are necessarily secret. Dubli will email your bid(s) that
unique and/or the lowest unique bid.