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					?The hugely successful Ds hand held console by Nintendo Ds has just got better being
re-bombard as the Dsi R4. Expectations for the Dsi R4 have been very high, and it's
due to be packed with a host of advance features. The Dsi R4 has been described as a
mini Wii and 'media center' rolled into one.

The Dsi R4 comes with 2 built in cameras, front and back and you will be able to
manage game play by arm and head movement due to the motion-detecting
capabilities of this Dsi R4. The cameras can even facial expressions and gestures! The
cameras face both in and out, being mounted both side of the flip up lid, and users can
catch pictures of themselves and friends. The handheld device even comes with built
in photo editing software with it.

There are 11 special effects, these include face meting. You can change your console
into a mini animation studio at the touch of a button, downloading extra software
applications to edit movies and gave special effects to your photos and movies. The
editing suite also comes with music editing facilities. You can now mix your AAC
music tracks altering pitch, speed and even applying sound effects to any of the songs.

The Dsi R4 also comes with internet access due it its very own free to download
internet using browser. Nintendo's online shop will also be offering a variety of
applications, games and software's for download. Crucially though, hard core gamers
will be glad to know the console will play most of the existing Ds and Dsi games but
they can also expect a whole host of new exciting games. Coupled with the new
motion detection, gaming has just got better for a Dsi R4 fan. It is front most than
other cards in market.

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