DSi Flashcard Comparison by hkksew3563rd


									?DSi Flashcards have boosted up their steps after the release of DSi two months ago.
Now we can see many well-known DS flashcard teams have annouced their new card
for DSi. Though majority of DS users keep low-key at those cards, there are still
crowd of people eagering to grasp one. So what’s the real status of DSi
flashcards? Which one is the best? We are glad to share our point of view with you.

Your Choice?

AK2i is the first released DSi card. However, there were a lot of problems in the
initial shipment. Got frozen on loading screen, black screen with certain games, loose
contact, etc. More extraordinary thing takes place on DSTTi, we can not find anything
related to this DSi flashcard on DSTT team’s official site. So you may wonder
how the after service it will be. EZ5i is in the doghouse this time, we use this
endearment just because some simple operations may got DSi system halted. And
there is a rumor of new R4 team called R4 Pro who develops R4i for DSi. The lie is
soon unveiled that R4 Pro is a clone card which uses Ak kernel, that’s why we
keep away from this R4i.

The truth of kernel

Please allow us to name those four DSi cards intergradation of DSi card. An
anonymous hack team released the secret of DSi flashcard. Look at the DSTTi kernel
below, it cheats DSi to run DSTTi as a DS game. So do the rest of DSi flashcards.

Here is the head information of EZ5i, compared to a DS game Tak - the great juju
challenge and they are totally the same thing. So now we can explain why you can use
the DS kernel on DSi flashcard, all of the DSi flashcards just add a ROM info to
bypass DSi’s detection system.

The future?

To summarize, all DSi flashcard may fail to run the real DSi game which activates the
unique function of DSi like camera or SD card something else. And there are some
flashcard teams still keep silent like Super card and GBalpha. Surely the DSi
flashcard of the real meaning which supports camera is under developing. Just wait
and see.

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