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									?The owner of every automobile, be it someone who owns a high end vehicle or a
proud owner of a lower end cost vehicle is always faced with the common problem of
not having sufficient storage space in their vehicle
If you are someone who loves to go on road trips and want to take along suit cases,
sports and camping gear you mostly do not have space to put everything inside the
vehicle. Well the answer is simple, add a roof rack.
Roof racks make travelling a lot easier by leaving extra space inside the vehicle .The
extra leg and seat space which is made possible by placing the luggage on the roof of
the vehicle is just not only a bonus but it also means you can carry bulkier items such
as your bicycle, camping equipment and surfboard with ease.
The process of installing a roof rack is a simple one. In one situation it involves fixing
cross bars to the existing factory installed roof rails. If you have the roof rails you will
need a clamping device to hold the cross bars to the side rails. There are numerous
choices of models in the market, the decision of which one to buy could be price or
the suppliers design as all leading manufacturers offer quality workmanship.
Taking into account the growing market and increasing demand for stylish racks with
durability manufacturers combine hi-tech engineering with high strength plastics with
outdoor durability to-gether with suitable good load holding strength aluminium alloy
cross bars, many of aero shape.
Should your vehicle not be fitted with factory installed roof rails the alternatives are
roof mounts which consists of a mount resting on the edge of the roof to which are
connected a strap holding the mount to the roof and the mount ,in turn ,connected to
the cross bars.
Vehicle design requires that the strap should conform to the particular vehicle to be
fitted and roof rack manufacturers publish a catalogue listing the particular strap
required for the specific vehicle model. For most roof rack designs a change of
vehicle may only need a different strap if the mount remains suitable for the
replacement vehicle.
If you have a heavy load to be carried on the roof rack there may be a need for a
stronger constructed rack to-gether with options such as steel or aluminium mesh
baskets and ,as a basket, the depth allows the storage of articles to be carried more
securely. Accessories are available in the form of covers that fit over the items carried
to prevent rain or dirt from affecting storage.
Other than a basket plastic boxes are available with locks in several capacities and
being enclosed require no further covering against the elements.
With the appropriate roof rack the passenger space in your vehicle is much more
manageable than without it and makes the trip to and from your destination less

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