Dressing for Interview Success by hkksew3563rd


									?"Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want to have"

Does what you wear in an interview really going to make a difference in the hiring
process? The answer is Yes! Depending on the job you are applying for dress does

Don't allow your appearance to damage your chances of being hired for a job. As the
old phrase goes "dress for success "Walking into an interview room the first thing an
interviewer does is look at you. No matter how many skills you have and how
relevant your experience is, do not allow being incorrectly dressed place you in
danger of not being employed.

Make no mistake dressing properly will not get you the job but dressing
inappropriately can lose you the job.
Gaining employment is subject to numerous variables beyond your control and factors
significantly unknown to you. You have no control over employer perceptions,
personal preferences or the competitors for the job. You do however have control of
your image and how you present yourself. How you look can send a powerful
message to the interviewer and can portray a signal that you are a winner or a loser.

You have made it this far in the interview process. Do not let your appearance
sabotage your opportunity to get the job.

So make sure you exude confidence and look successful.

Find below 6 tips to avoid when you're going for an interview: Nothing turns a hiring
manager off when a person walks in the door with:

Scruffy and old Shoes (make sure they are polished!)
"Crazy" hair
Dirty Nails
Body odour / bad breath
Chewing gum
too much cologne

Good luck!

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