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Downloading_ Limewire and P2P


									?P2P (Peer to Peer) networks are the largest parts of the nowadays internet traffic. P2p
networks are using %22.31 of the total daily bandwidth downstream share and %61 of
the total daily bandwidth upstream share. Those numbers are growing day by day and
we dont want to miss being a part of it.

P2P works on basic mechanics. It's basically a way of uploading and downloading
materials from your computer to another persons pc, without using anything (web
sites, net zones etc..) but a simple interface. There are other services provides file
sharing but the difference between p2p and pay per file sistems is money. ?f you want
to download a file from a ppf based net side, you have to pay a fixed amound of
money per month or you have to wait a few hours between file downloads. Why? You
got a free, faster and usefull way to do it.

Limewire is the fastest growing and the biggest P2P software. Found by Mark Gorton
at year 2000 and today it has over 70 million monthly users. Limewire uses BitTorrent
protocol and Gnutella network to increase speed and the quality of internal search
engine of the software. User firendly interface, biggest archives and fast file transfer
rates makes Limewire a perfect choice for everyone who wants to share and transfer
articles, movies and music files. This software is absolutely free of self-builded
toolbars, unnecessery advertisements or pop-up's, but has services of optimized
searchs, free upgrade and a Limewire store to buy your kind of stuff.

You can download limewire to start sharing files.

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