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									?If you want to keep your computer clean and safe, an anti-spyware solution is
necessary along with anti-virus and a firewall. Many anti-virus scanners detect
spyware, but in many cases they fail to detect them. For this reason, we recommended
you to download anti-spyware software and install it.

While downloading spyware removers, you should be very careful. There are certain
rouge spyware removers, which themselves contain spyware. It is very easy to
identify such malicious software. These are usually advertised through intrusive
popups, flashy banners and through spam email.

If you want to stay safe, always download software from reputable sites like Before downloading and installing spyware removers, always read
user reviews and editorial reviews. Never download software from peer-to-peer
networks or torrents. Many times, these contain spyware or viruses. Also avoid cracks
or "keygens" and file sharing sites like rapidshare and megaupload.

Before buying/downloading anti-spyware software, you should check whether it is
compatible with your operating system. If you are using an older operating system
like Windows 98 or 2000, you may encounter some problems. You should also take
the memory consumption in account. If you have a computer with low RAM, you
may have problems in running some anti-spyware software. You have to take this into
consideration as well.

For more information see the free spyware removal guide.

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