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					?Residual income! Something everyone that gets into the network marketing industry
desires from day one. If you want for the this to be attained, you must commit to
doing one important task, and that is downline building. The dreams of most folks in
this business is to make cash off of the labors of many while they sit on the couch and
get pleasure from life. This can be something that you attain but it will only happen
by hard work and a few simple strategies that we will talk about below. Big
corporations and companies only accomplish something by the persons they have
working for them. Equally you will only see victory in the network marketing
industry by constructing a committed and flourishing group sticking to for the long
haul. When downline building is something that you and a first-rate mastermind of
individuals are committed too, then and only then will your bank account reflect it.
Our first objective is and always should be downline building no matter what business
we are with. So here are a couple of points that will benefit you in your endeavors.

Point #1: Always allow your downline to operate and build their business in the
greatest way that suits their personality and interests.

Each one of us has various personalities and habits of doing stuff. The major
challenge with MLM in general is that a good number of companies have a 'system'
that will force every person into the same mold and is sold to each person as its
'Duplicatable'. Each one of us are distinct in the way we accomplish our goals. Each
of us have strengths and abilities that will play a role to the whole team. Downline
building isn't only doing it simple, its about helping associates to play up there
strengths and build in a way that allows them to showcase them. A collection of
people that have the liberty to work and build in a way that best suits them, is a
winning arrangement that you must make available to take place. When everyone in
your group is allowed to have the liberty to move in a way that supports their abilities,
you will have more committed individuals, and not only that, but you will secure a
residual income which will more than likely be around for a long time.

#2: Guidance and support.

This point shows that you need to guide your people, and give them assistance as
much as possible. Now when you have a big organization you can't possibly be with
everyone at all times. Using some technology based tools will make it easier to
connect on a grand scale, but I am not refering to that at the moment. If you stick to
and educate the concept of 'Each One Recruit One', and then 'Each One Train One'
and then 'Each One Support One' this will duplicate throughout your business. When
you take this strategy and put it as one with number one above, you will see that
pretty soon you will have a large and growing organization. When you set the pattern
of supporting and training the people in your mastermind group, your people will then
begin to have their own mastermind group of people that they train and support, and
that is exciting to see. Without a doubt this will work and will make building a
committed downline one of the most fun experiences
#3: Form a philosophy of individual improvement and individual growth.

With a person that will climb over hot coals to see success, they will inevitably see the
success they are looking fo achieve. Can you imagine if you build an entire downline
of people with this mindset? Well you can, and it all starts with you. Get totally sold
out to the personal growth mindset. When you get to the point where you work on
yourself just as much as you work on your business, success is inevitable. Build this
within your people by consistantly helping them to grow their habits toward success,
just as they would do for any endeavor. By helping people improve the areas that they
are weak in, and put them together with their strengths, you will have a group of
individuals that completely dominate. Understanding that success is nothing but up to
the individual and helping your team see this willl cause your team to grow on

Point #4: You must have a solution that gives the choice to work in all areas of
marketing expertise.

You will find that this resembles point 1 in this article, but I am looking to make a
differnent point. There will consistantly be a war among the "guru's" as to what works
best, offline or online marketing strategies. The simple facts are that you can combine
the best of both worlds, and give people the options to take the strengths from both of
these areas and run with it. by providing your team with a resource that will combine
the best of both worlds, and give them the choice of what works best for them, they
will flourish. Giving your organization a system that merges all of the concepts I
refered to in this article, put together with where they want to go as individuals,
downline building will be something you enjoy rather than a burden.

Without a doubt downline building will always be a challenge for most. If you would
like to review a video we did on youtube entitled "Downline Building - Why You
Need To Understand This Concept" then click the link and give us your thoughts.