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Q- How bad will this economy get?

A- This downfall of the economy has really just started; in the near future you will see
more local and national businesses shutting their doors, contributing the cause to
many factors. Some factors may include: (1) gas prices - which hurt many services
business cutting their normal profits in half or more while forcing them to pass on
some of the fuel increases to the consumers (2) unemployment - which causes people
to save instead of spend, hurting more businesses and leads to more people without
jobs and tons of bills to pay.

Do not be fooled by the government bailouts, they are doing the same thing most
people do right before they claim bankruptcy - using credit card debt to pay off your
bill debt. I do not know about you, but when a government is taking on billions of
dollars in debt to bail out the economy, we all need to be greatly concerned. This
means the average person probably will not be clicking their ruby slippers together
while repeatedly asking to be sent home; because in reality their not sleeping, but
wide awake and living a nightmare.

Q- If I loose my job, how will I pay my bills while I am trying to get hired somewhere

A- When someone is asking me this question, I really know that they are in a bad
predicament. This situation happens to be the single biggest reason why people have
had financial problems and had to rely on bankruptcy (leaving hundreds of thousands
of families without their homes, cars and basic amenities).

So to answer your question, yes you will loose everything if you can not figure out
how to replace your income in a timely fashion. No matter how far up on the feeding
chain you are; if you have no income - eventually you will not be able to pay your
bills. It is very unlikely that you will find another job that will pay you in the same
respect; other companies are much like the one you where fired from, and are trying
to downsize their business as well.

However, for those who have a secondary income or a full-time income that is not
linked directly to our local economy or a job that they will not lose; those people will
fair just fine. You should take a look and find yourself a secondary income or
home-based business that you can build before it is your turn to get downsized. At this
moment working a few extra hours every week to build a second income is not an
option; it is a financial decision that could cost you everything. I suggest that you
begin as soon as you are finished reading this article. To start, go out and find as much
education on how to make yourself an extra income before time runs out.

We are living in desperate times, and those who have had their head in the sand trying
to ignore what is going on will be the ones who are without food, shelter,
transportation, proper education, income, health care, etc. It is best to get going now
before it is too late.


Answers to some of the most feared questions relating to the downfall of the economy
and how it will affect you. Also discover who will be able to pull out of this bad
situation mostly untouched.

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By Jason Allen Miller

About The Author:

Jason Allen Miller is an entrepreneur, inventor, business owner, investor, speaker,
educator and author. After college at the University of Wisconsin and a brief time as
an employee, he decided to begin purchasing investments and owning businesses. He
owns or has owned numerous traditional businesses and investments ranging from
small businesses, real estate, franchises, home-based businesses and inventions, to
large conglomerates with hundreds of employees.

Today he continues to write and educate people on the advantages of owning their
own home-based businesses along with currently owning and operating many
businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Besides the United States, his other ventures are
in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea,
South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

His passion is business systems and education, along with helping people realize their
dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. He is married with two children and spends most
of his time in the Seattle Washington area. For more information go to: /find .

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