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					?If you are expecting twins, or have a child and one on the way, double jogging
strollers may be your answer in keeping fit. There are many advantages to choosing
one of these over a more traditional one.

These can have the children being seated side by side, or in a single line. This is a
personal preference, since children's personalities may make it impossible to seat
them in a row, or you may find it too inconvenient to have them sitting side by side
making the stroller too wide. Both styles are available, and you an choose what you

The type of exercise you do also determines what you get. If you are an avid jogger
then you will want to get one with a fixed wheel since this can allow for faster speeds
and won't break your stride since the front wheel won't move. You may want to have a
swivel wheel, which makes it easier to move the stroller about, but you can't run very
fast. They also have locking front swivel wheels which can give you the benefit of

They're also different sizes of wheels to consider, the large 20" is popular among
serious joggers, since it offers the best diameter for speed and stride. If you want the
swivel wheel, you'll have to get a 12" wheel, and many people who own the strollers
find the 16" to give them the benefit of maneuverability as well as being able to
handle a moderate exercise routine. Your activity level and interest are determining
factor of this choice.

There are many more accessories on jogging strollers then other types. Weather and
bug guards can better protect your children from the element and pests, and you can
opt to have drink holders, pockets and even extra storage on your stroller.

The double dogging strollers have one advantage over other types since they're able to
be used long after your child is no longer a baby. Many times these can be used into
early childhood, since the stroller has a weight capacity up to 125 pounds. You can
use them for longer giving you a viable piece of equipment.

Double jogging strollers can help you teacher children to live in active and healthy
lifestyle since you can lead by example.

Baby strollers can be found in huge variety, including single and double capacity,
swivel and fixed wheel strollers [/] and so on. In order to make the right choice out of
them, one can learn about each stroller and advantages offered by it at