DOTA Winning Strategies For Game Mastery

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					?If you've been playing DOTA for a while, you probably wish you knew a few things
that would help to improve your game - like how to avoid being killed for one!
Perhaps you watch others get the gold which you thought was yours, or perhaps your
hero isn't quite as useful as you'd like, or you need to build your hero much faster.
Perhaps you'd like to know the best farming stategies, or which lanes to push, or how
to deny your opponents gold or experience. Even if you are improving, you may still
be frustrated by players who are much better than you. They may not appreciate your
skill level either.
You've probably read posts on forums but may not have gotten the answers you seek.
Some of the advice may even be unhelpful; cheats may get you banned. Well, if you
want to become god-like too, see this: DOTA Winning Strategies For Game Mastery