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									This Lawyer                                                                                     g Righ
                                                                                                      ts,   Inc.
Referral Service…..
 is one of our newest pro-

 grams. Housing Rights,

 Inc. was founded by a law

 student who could
                           To Increase access
                           to lawyers for low
 not find housing be-      and lowest income
 cause she had young

 children. We are commit-
 ted to seeing that that
 does not happened to oth-                                                             Referral
 ers. Join us in fighting to
                                                                                       Service (0120)

 uphold the ‘housing rights’

 of everyone.

                                                            ts,           Inc.
                                                      g Righ                                   Until difference
                                                                                               no longer makes
                                                                                               a difference…..
                                                    P.O. Box 12895
 Call 1877-474-2584
                    or   e-mail us at               Berkeley, CA. 94712
                                                    Phone: 510-548-8776             Tel: 1877-474-2584
                                                    Fax: 510-548-5805
                                                    E-mail: hri@housingrights.com
      We are looking
      for a few good                              website at: www. housingrights .org/ law-

                                                  yers.htm). 4) Pay an administrative fee upon                Housing Rights, Inc. is

                                                  acceptance into the panel and for each referral             proud to offer, as a
If you are interested in                                                                                      service to our Lawyer
                                                  that you accept for representation. 5) Report
joining our Lawyer Re-                                                                                        Referral Service
                                                  on all cases accepted from HRI on a form pro-
                                                                                                                                        Go to:
ferral Service and you                                                                                        Members, the oppor-       www.housingrights.
                                                  vided by HRI and 6) Contrib-
represent or will rep-                                                                                                                  com/lawyers.htm
                                                  ute 15% of fees collected.                                  tunity for new attor-
                                                                                                                                        for more informa-
resent individuals who                                                                                        neys or attorneys         tion and an appli-
                                                  HRI will make three types of                                                          cation.
live in Alameda or Con-                                                                                       new to Housing
                            It is the goal of
                                                  referrals; pro bono, contin-
tra Costa County you       the Housing Rights                                                                 Rights work to with
                                                                                     Wisdom is knowing
                                                  gency fee and reduced fee.
must: 1) Practice in        Lawyer Referral                                         what to do next, skill
                                                                                                              an attorney more experienced in the field.
                           Service (a project     You just let us know how many     is knowing how to do
Alameda, Contra Costa,                                                                                        We believe that working with tenants and
                                                                                    it, and virtue is doing
                           of Housing Rights,     of which type you would like
San Francisco, San                                                                  it.—David Starr Jor-
                                                                                                              homeowners to protect their housing rights
                            Inc.) to provide
                                                  to receive during the year. !               dan
Mateo or Santa Clara       free and low cost                                                                  can be both personally and professionally
Counties. And be in         legal services to     Our Lawyer Referral Service includes the gen-               rewarding. If you have questions about our
                            low and lower in-
good standing with the                            eral Housing Rights panel, a fair housing sub-              mentoring program or this field of practice,
                            come households
State Bar. 2) Attend                              panel (which includes predatory lending), a me-             give us a call. We’ll put you in touch with
                           who would not oth-
the appropriate training erwise have access       diation panel and a personal injury panel                   one of our LRS members.
or demonstrate requi-        to quality legal
                                                  (related to housing).
site experience (at
                           taking into consid-
least two cases in each                           Housing Rights Training
                            eration the eco-                                                                                                    .
                                                                                                                                         ts, Inc
                                                  Housing Rights, Inc. will sponsor Housing Rights                                 g Righ
of the legal areas for     nomic needs of the                                                                                Housin
                           client, so that no     Training throughout the year. If you would like
which you want to re-
                           one is denied ser-     to be notified of the times and locations of this                                  P.O. Box 12895
ceive referrals. 3)                                                                                                                  Berkeley, CA. 94712
                           vices due to inabil-
                                                  training please let us know. Call or e-mail:
Abide by the Rules and         ity to pay.
                                                  hri@housingrights.com                                                              Phone: 510-548-8776
Fee Protocol (call us                                                                                                                Fax: 510-548-5805
                                                                                                                                     E-mail: hri@housingrights.com
(1877-474-2584) for a copy or visit our

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