Don't Become a Home Inspector or Domestic Energy Assessor

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					?Do you feel like its time to change your career and work for yourself running your
own business, maybe in the fast moving property sector? You have probably seen the
adverts extolling the virtues of becoming a Home Inspector, Domestic Energy
Assessor or Home Information Pack Provider?

Before you consider spending your hard-earned cash, and investing your precious
time undertaking significant training and learning development to obtain the
necessary qualifications, I suggest you draw breath and take time to look at the likely
rewards of making such an investment.

Only a couple of years back, some companies and organisations involved in the
energy efficiency and property sector, set up training courses to train new requirement
for Home Inspectors and Domestic Energy Assessors, in effect on behalf the
Government. The training courses were required to provide sufficient number Home
Inspectors and Domestic Energy Assessors to produce the crop of Home Condition
Reports and Energy Performance Certificates needed to comply with changes to

Several thousand individuals saw the opportunity to change their career and work for
themselves as Home Inspectors or Domestic Energy Assessors, and they paid several
thousand pounds each for the privilege.

During the passage of the legislation, the Government lost its nerve and watered down
its requirement for Home Information Packs to contain the Home Condition Report.
However, obligingly, the Government still allowed Home Condition Reports to be
provided for the Home Information Pack on a ‘voluntary' basis. What this means in
effect is there is virtually no demand by anyone selling their property for a Home
Condition Report, as they are relatively expensive. As a result, the individuals that
made significant investment in their time and money to train as Home Inspector have
been ‘cast adrift' by the Government.

The training bodies also went into overdrive and inducted thousands of individuals
onto courses to churn out Domestic Energy Assessors. The first cohort of individuals
undertaking the training and obtaining the qualifications found themselves being able
to command £120 or so for providing an EPC. The only difficulty for those people
was that the Government restricted the size of residential properties requiring an
Energy Performance Certificate to 4 bedrooms and above, which reduced the market

As the training bodies put more and more people through the Domestic Energy
Assessor ‘sausage machine', the price qualified DEA's could command began to drop

Some of the training bodies diversified their business interests to provide ‘panels' of
qualified DEAs to provide the Energy Performance Certificates, which they ‘resell' to
Estate Agents and Home Information Pack Providers. It is fairly common now for
DEAs to be providing an Energy Performance Certificate for £50.

With the current depression in the housing market, there is less properties coming
onto the market, therefore competition in the Home Information Pack market is
intense. HIP providers need to cut their costs as low as possible to win work and an
obvious target is the fee DEAs can command.

If you are considering investing your time and money to enter this industry, then you
should definitely test the market in the first instance. You will inevitably find that
there are far too many people servicing a limited marketplace already.

In my view the companies still enticing people onto training courses for Home
Inspectors or Domestic Energy assessors are taking money under false pretences. The
Government has been culpable in allowing over-supply of qualified individuals and
has in effect conned many out of the not insignificant sum they have invested in both
money and their time.

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