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					?Whether a person needs an international calling card or a domestic calling card will
depend on where the person needs to call. The names will implicate their uses, but a
domestic calling card can be used anywhere in the United States, whereas an
international calling card can be used anywhere in the world. Some international
calling cards are specific to certain countries that need to be called. For example,
someone can buy an Egypt phone card if they are exclusively calling Egypt. However,
they should know that these specific calling cards cannot be used to call another
country later on. However, this does not mean that a person has to buy a calling card
for each country that they call. There are some international calling cards that can be
purchased that a person can access a number of countries.

Domestic calling cards can be used anywhere in the country. They save money for
people who need to make many long distance calls. Domestic calling cards are a
valuable purchase for people that have family far away, or for students going to
school. There are many ways to find the best calling cards that will save money.
Calling cards can range in prices from their minute to minute charges, to the number
of service charges that are on the calling card.

A lot of times people like to get an international calling card for domestic long
distance calls. Not only are the rates lower, but they often have fewer service charges
than international calling cards. International calling cards have lower rates since the
minutes to other countries are not as valued as other calling cards. International
calling cards save money on calling rates and are convenient since there is an operator
available to connect phone calls easily.

When it comes to domestic calling card, there are a number of things to look at. For
one, someone might want to look at the minute to minute rate on the calling card, but
that is just one clue. Sometimes when a calling card advertises a lower calling rate,
they have other charges and fees that are added on in order to make up for the low
rates. On the other hand, phone cards might also have higher calling rates, but they
will most likely have fewer services charges.

Knowing which calling cards will be the better buy depends on where the calls are
being made to. If someone needs a calling card for both long distance and
international calls, they will be better off with an international calling card, since the
international calling card can be used for both international and domestic purposes.
The domestic calling card, however, can only be used in the country, and are useless
for international phone calls.

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