Dollar Store Merchandise to Add in Today’s Economic Environment by hkksew3563rd


									?In today's economy all retail business persons need to take a step back and analyze
where they can reduce inventory levels without damaging sales. Those opening a
dollar store also need to look for new and different dollar store merchandise to help
build sales and dollar store profits to new, higher levels. Many will think they have
added everything possible. Others will feel they simply need to reduce inventory and
then hold tight. However this is the perfect time to build sales by intelligently adding
the right items. For more on this topic read on. In this article I present examples of
items to add.

Let's start with household cleaners and supplies. Almost all dollar stores carry some of
these items. However the question to ask is do you have the right items to meet the
needs of your shoppers. Are there items they would buy if only you had them in stock?
Even more important, do they shop at other retailers for some of the items you do not
carry. Be sure you look for complementary sales. For example adding a full line of
scrubbers, sponges and scrub brushes can mean many dollars in extra sales and dollar
store profits.

Repeat this same process with health and beauty and paper products. While you may
already carry basic hand soaps and other products, make sure to go the extra mile to
understand exactly what your shoppers need, and then to find those very products.

Housewares is another department most who are opening a dollar store have in their
store. But into day's environment more shoppers than ever will gladly purchase
cooking gadgets, cups, plates and utensils if you carry a good selection.

This year carry all of the back to school supplies possible. Make sure you have all the
basic necessities to meet school requirements. Your shoppers will reward you for
adding this dollar store merchandise with other extra purchases for their students. And
that means extra profits for your business.

But don't stop there; everyone needs to eat. If you don't already carry groceries,
maybe now is the time to consider starting. Start slowly and carefully. Add products
most consumers need and want. For example, a small selection of breakfast cereals,
canned goods and condiments might be the perfect way to test. As shoppers begin
buying ask what other products they'd like to see. Cautiously move forward to

When opening a dollar store there is much more dollar store merchandise to consider.
You will need to intelligently examine adding the right products for each of the
holidays. Don't forget to consider items for the seasons. For example as the cold
weather approaches warm socks, gloves and caps will be in demand. By removing
slow sellers and reducing inventory levels overall and then adding the right items to
boost sales, your dollar store profits will surely grow.
To your success when opening a dollar store!

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 Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer.

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