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 Have you ever heard about a business opportunity and wondered if it was something
you should consider for your involvement?

    With the economy down, many people are thinking about starting a home based
business. Is there a set of guidelines to help you to separate the diamonds from the

    For many years, while busy doing other things, I have heard about various home
based business opportunities. Over that time, I have developed a criteria for
evaluating what I hear about. You may know that I have not typically been a fan of
home based business opportunities.

   Here is the "Test" that I have used in evaluating any business opportunity that has
come my way in the last 20 years or so.

Test for Home Based Business Opportunities

? Does the product do something unique and revolutionary?
? Are there low start up costs?
? Does the product have an exclusive market niche?
? Is the management team organized and ready to go?
? Has the company had time to development some marketing materials so new
members can start quickly?
? Does the compensation plan reward new members fairly?
? Is the product something I am proud to tell others about?
? Does the product have media support?
? Is the market fresh so I can be the first person to tell others about it?
? Can new members can get upper placement in the organization?
? Does the company allow some approved online marketing?
? Is the product reasonably priced so a person can buy every month?
? Has the product been carefully tested and supported by real scientific
? Does the product work in the way it is purported?
? Does the product provide a solution for a majority of the population?
? Are the ingredients of the product natural and safe?
? Are the people of the organization honest and ethical?
? Does the product have the potential for dramatic sales volume?
? Is the company prepared for rapid sales growth?
? Has the product been around long enough to test its safety and effectiveness?
? Is it easy to explain to people how the product can help them?
? Is the product needed by all age groups and economic levels?

    By now you are wondering, "Can anything pass all these tests? If so, it would be
something very special." And that is true. A product like this is a "game changer" that
would almost sell itself because it entirely reformats the discussion about personal
health. If a small business person could get in front of the wave of interest, one could
ride that momentum to financial freedom.

Could This Be the Next Wave in the Area of Personal Health?

     Remarkably, one product passes my foregoing "test." It has just entered into the
health products market and has the potential to be a real "game changer" that will
reformat the way people think and how they take care of their health. The company is
fairly new so you will likely be one of the first in your micro-market to hear about it.
The advantage of being first is that the sales force has the opportunity to create a good
impression about the product from the start.
     You see, the field of health products (i.e. vitamins, supplements) is woefully
crowded. Anyone trying to sell "one more vitamin" option will be like one more
wildflower in the desert. Yet the majority of the products sold today seek to
accomplish one thing: to reduce oxidative stress on the body and the deleterious
effects of aging. You may have heard reports in the news lately that the vitamins (A, C,
and E) that we were all counting on to reduce oxidative-stress have been shown to
have no effect. That must be hitting a lot of consumers hard. What if consumers
suddenly found out that the billions of dollars spent and strenuous efforts made to
capture their youth were all for naught? After being angry, would they not search for
something that actually works?
      Two-thirds of the money spent in America is from the wallets of baby boomers.
Do you think that baby boomers are looking for a way to maintain their youth? You
bet they are. And they spend billions trying. Finally there is something that really
      But the bottom line is, you don't have to hype this product. It has been tested
repeatedly and it really works. When people take Protandim for just a short time, their
oxidative-stress levels are reduced to that of a typical 20 year old.
     Many people are looking for a way to earn extra income in this economy. Many
are experiencing stress due to insecurity of employment or job loss. This product
provides a promising opportunity for people who perhaps, like me, would not
normally be interested in an MLM--for all the reasons I listed. I have to admit that
though I normally would not be talking about an MLM product or company, this one
has me interested.

Brian Netzel is a businessman and start up expert in the San Jose/San Francisco Bay
area. He is part of a multi-million dollar business start up and mentorship network that
invests in low-tech businesses and ventures.

Brian's health and business blog can be found at:
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