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									                                         International Peace Research Association
                                                          THE NETWORK
                                                         PEACE RESEARCH

IPRA Membership benefits scholars, practitioners and students of peace research, conflict
transformation and peace building. If you are not a member of our organisation, we urge you to join and
enjoy the benefits from the range of activities and services.
IPRA Membership is biennial (starting from one conference until the next conference), except for the
Institutional Membership, which is annual.
Note to Current Members: We kindly ask current members to follow the general procedure by filling
in/updating contact details via the general membership form.
Please fill in this form and hand it in or send by fax +3216323088 or by mail to the address written at the
end of the form. You may also apply and pay online at our website: by clicking the
section “Join IPRA”.

                                           IPRA Membership Form
1. Title          Ms                         Mrs              Mr
2. Academic Title Prof                       Dr               Phd Student               Student
3. First Name
4. Last Name
5. Sex            F                                               M
6. Date of Birth
7. Organisation
8. Street
9. Town/City
10. Postcode
11. Country
12. Telephone
13. Fax
14. E-mail
15. Choose Membership category:

economies and OECD members: EUR 100 or 100 USD
Category II IPRA Institutional Membership: EUR 200 or 200

income, lower-middle income, upper-middle income
economies; Students: EUR 40 or 40 USD

Category IV IPRA Life Membership: EUR 1000 or 1000 USD
or more
Additionally, we have IPRA Honorary Membership                   for   generous    supporters     of   IPRA

    Institutional Membership is annual

IPRA – International Peace Research Association Membership Form                                          1
16. Are you a member of any of IPRA’s regional affiliates?
Yes                                                   No
If Yes, please indicate which one, if No, please indicate which one you would be interested in joining.
EUPRA (Europe)                                        PJSA (North America)
APPRA (Asia-Pacific)                                  CLAIP (Latin America)
AFPREA (Africa)

17. Are you a member of any of IPRA’s Commissions/Working Groups?
Yes                         No
If Yes, please indicate the Commission/Working group. If No, please select which one you would be
interested in joining.. You may also suggest a new Working Group
-Art and Peace                                      -Peace History
-Conflict Resolution and Peace Building             -Peace Theories
-Eastern Europe                                     -Reconciliation
-Ecology and Peace                                  -Religion and Peace
-Forced Migration                                   -Security and Disarmament
-Gender and Peace                                   -Peace Journalism
-Global Political Economy                           -Earth Charter Working Group
-Indigenous Peoples’ Rights                         -Evaluation of Development and Peace Activities Group
-Internal Conflicts                                 -Governance and Peace Group
-International Human Rights                         -Knowledge and Peace Group
-Non-violence                                       -Middle East Group
-Peace Culture and Communications                   -Development and Peace Group
-Peace Education                                    -Peace Negotiation and Mediation Group
-Peace Movements                                    -Youth Group
Suggest Working Group

18. Payment total amount
IPRA asks that you please pay with a credit card online (, “Join IPRA”) or in cash at the
IPRA conference. If this is impossible, you may pay by bank transfer/wire (all fees or charges must be paid
for by the member, not IPRA) to:
                                           Luc Reychler, Secretary General IPRA
                                           ING Bank, Leuven, Belgium
                                           Account No: 330-1000901-12
                                           SWIFT: BBRUBEBB
                                           I-Ban: BE 19330100090112


                                    For more information, please contact:

Luc Reychler                                            Tel: +32 16 32 32 41/ 57
Secretary General IPRA                                  Fax: +32 16 32 30 88
University of Leuven                                    Email:
Centre for Peace Research                     
Van Evenstraat 2B
3000 Leuven, BELGIUM

IPRA – International Peace Research Association Membership Form                                             2

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