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PERSONAL:           BLOGSTAMP.ORG                                                                                        EVANSTON
                    Created a service which creates and validates certified timestamps for character based
                    content. A certified timestamp guarantees the time at which the content was created. The
                    site was designed to be a back-end service to blog/cms software. It uses standard Java
                    encryption packages and is accessed via a REST message over HTTP or HTTPS.
                    Tools: Java, digital certificates, NetBeans, OSX

                    Created a Drupal front-end client which transparently invokes the stamp service when new
                    content is posted. Donated the client/module to the Drupal community
                    (; it is active on several websites and has been translated
                    into other languages.
                    Tools: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Tomcat, CVS, Linux

CONTRACT:           KRAFT FOODS                                                                                          GLENVIEW
(07/06 – present)
                    Developer: Created a web application for the global supply chain group. The application
                    allowed clients to split demand forecast across many mixing centers and plants. The
                    solution functioned similarly to an interactive spreadsheet and allowed clients to redistribute
                    forecast in user-defined measurements and time intervals. The grids were large and data
                    intensive; the biggest case had 30,000 input field cells and 25,000 historical value cells (on
                    one screen).
                    Tools: Java, Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JUnit, Manugistics, Oracle, WSAD, ClearCase

(07/05 – 07/06)     TRANSUNION                                                                                            CHICAGO
                    Developer: Created java application that returns consumer credit data to customers through
                    a batch file interface. The application was able to handle 25M requests per hour— a
                    fulfillment rate of 7000 requests per second. The application was backend agnostic and was
                    tested against Sybase IQ, DB2 UDB, and Oracle RDBMSs.
                    Tools: Java, JDBC, Sybase IQ, DB2 UDB, Eclipse, Oracle

                    Performance Tuning: Successfully tuned a batch maintenance application expected to
                    process 65M input records in a 20-hour day (900 records/second); each input record resulted
                    in an average of 35 SQL statements (75% select/fetch) against a 10TB database. Before
                    tuning, the system could process 555 records/second (60% of goal). Achieved SLA by
                    reducing I/O Wait (through faster DASD and data de-normalization) and increasing
                    concurrency (decreased AIX and DB2 CPU utilization).
                    Tools: Java, SQLJ, JProbe, Wily Introscope, TMON, DB2, zSeries, AIX, Eclipse, ClearCase

EMPLOYMENT:         JC WHITNEY & CO.                                                                                      CHICAGO
                    Enterprise Architect: Led design, implementation, and standardization of all IT related
                    projects across all business channels. Created a message oriented enterprise environment
                    using proven technologies and best of breed applications. Assisted and mentored engineers
                    on principles of design, implementation, performance tuning, and agile methodologies.

           Designed and wrote an application which offers product installation services to
                    customers of retailers (e.g. and The application was
                    accessed via a REST web service and a management GUI. Configured the runtime
                    environment- a tomcat server-farm accessed via load balanced apache web servers. The
                    site and services performed at sub 1-second response times during peak load.
                    Tools: Java, Spring, Hibernate, UML, STRUTS, XML, Zeus, CVS, WSAD, ANT, Anthill,
                    JUnit, Tomcat, DB2, MySQL, Solaris
       Solely responsible for entire software stack and hardware platform.
                Decreased response time from 1466 ms to 579 ms and increased availability from 99.46% to
                99.99%. This was achieved by tuning the java heap, better usage of caches, and by adding
                three new application server clones (2 vertical and 1 horizontal). Designed and implemented
                the total re-platforming of the previous website using Endeca and WebSphere Commerce
                Suite. Created and administered scalable, redundant n-tier hardware architecture that
                currently services 70 concurrent requests per second in sub two-second response times.
                Tools: Java, EJB, XML, UML, ANT, Anthill, JUnit, WebSphere, WebSphere Commerce, ATG
                Dynamo, Endeca, JMS, WebSphere MQ, NetCelera, Apache, DB2, WSAD, CVS, Solaris,

                Order Management System: Solely responsible for the technical implementation of data
                conversion and data synchronization (interfaces) between a new order management system
                and 23 disparate internal and external systems. Performance tested and tuned the entire
                suite of enterprise applications and their integration points. Established the corporate
                standard for data integration and developed numerous extensions to the integration software
                Tools: Java, CommercialWare CWDirect, Quovadx Cloverleaf, RPG, WebSphere MQ,

                Product Information Database: Designed an n-tier internet application framework using
                STRUTS, Informix, and an object to relational mapping layer. Led the implementation of the
                framework as the company’s Product Information Database that houses over 100,000 skus.
                Tools: Java, STRUTS, NetBeans, ATG Relational Views, DB2, Solaris

(12/00-04/02)   BUSINESS LOGIC CORPORATION                                                                     CHICAGO
                Senior Software Engineer: Developed new and ported existing product software enabling
                real-time viewing, trading and distribution of 401(k) funds on the web and over the phone.
                Developed UI frameworks, designed J2EE middleware, and led product implementation
                using WebSphere. Led client implementation and installation teams. Enhanced performance
                of a large application using caching and database optimizations.

                Net-Finance 401(k): Responsible for ―productization‖ of custom client application. Created
                standardized development environment, deployment procedure and application structure
                using J2EE EAR/WAR specification. Created web-based order processing workflow modules
                to automate and simplify loan confirmations and document management. Developed
                numerous processing modules and data models. Implemented software at Northern Trust,
                Scudder Investments, Chicago Trust and Federated Investors.
                Tools: Java, Edify, JMS, EJB, JBuilder, UML, SQL Server, COM, Pervasive DB, WebLogic,
                WebSphere, Custom MVC, XML, Log4J, CSS, ANT

(9/97-4/99)     COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION                                                                 OAKBROOK
                Associate Consultant: Teamed with clients and consultants to define business/technical
                requirements and test applications. Developed and implemented a structured testing
                methodology at Heller Financial. Created impact assessment documents detailing Y2K
                business risks and performed Y2K readiness testing on 15 client/server and mainframe
                applications at Bank One.
                Tools: Microsoft Access, SAS, Oracle, PSQL, COBOL

CERTIFICATES:   Expert’s Exchange Certified Java Programming Master                                           EVANSTON
                Sun Certified Developer for Java 2 Platform,
                Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform
                Brainbench Java 1, JavaScript Master, HTML 3.2 Master

(August 1996)
                Gamma Sigma Alpha Honors Society, Chi Psi Fraternity, Varsity Soccer, Jujutsu Club
TECHNICAL   Language:          Java, PHP, DTD/XSD, EDIFY, SQL, UML, HTML, JavaScript,
SKILLSET:                      PowerBuilder

            Sun Java:          J2SE (Core, RMI, JNDI, JNI), J2EE (Servlet, JSP, EJB, JDBC, JMS)

            IDE:               WSAD (Eclipse), NetBeans, JBuilder, TogetherJ

            Version Control:   CVS, ClearCase, PVCS, Visual SourceSafe

            Persistence:       Hibernate, EJB, Spring, ATG RelationalViews, JDBC, SQLJ, Castor,
                               Zeus, JDOM

            Web Framework:     Spring MVC, STRUTS, ATG Droplet, IBM WCS, Drupal, Edify, Servlet

            Commercial         Endeca, WebSphere Commerce, CommercialWare CWDirect,
            Package:           Manugistics

            Web Server:        Apache, IBMHTTPD, NetCelera Web Accelerator, IIS

            Application        IBM WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, ATG Dynamo, Jacada
            Middleware:        WebSphere MQ, Quovadx Cloverleaf

            Database:          DB2 (LUW, z/OS, iSeries), MySQL, Informix, SQL Server, Oracle,

            Operating          Solaris, AIX, Linux, OSX, Win32, iSeries, DOS

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